GTA locations: 5 most iconic places in the game

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The GTA series is massive in terms of map size and interesting locations offered. The gta locations are mostly based on American cities on the east and the west coast, with each map being carefully designed with huge attention to detail.

With so many locations to choose from, it’s very difficult to compile a list of best gta locations. We have tried our best to put together one based out of their importance and how they serve the overall story and setting of the game.

5- Star Junction, a really wellknown gta locations

Source: GTA wiki

The huge junction featured in GTA 4, is based on the real life Times square in New York. This is a beautiful urban sight to see, especially during the night. The advertisements all light up when it gets dark revealing a beautiful show of colours.

If you look at the map, this is also the very center of Liberty city. The location can very well be called the feature of the entire city besides the statue of happiness, which is based on the Statue of Liberty. The star junction doesn’t serve a well enough purpose in the story-line and could have been utilized more than just being the spot of a few shootings and players driving by.

However, the junction does put a good vision of New York city into the player’s minds. Without it, the central island of Algonquin would have looked somewhat like a concrete jungle with square blocks of roads everywhere.

4- Vercetti Estate or Diaz’s Mansion

Source: GTA wiki

Formerly known as Diaz’s mansion, the estate plays a very crucial role in the Vice City story line. Many important story line missions take place in the location including the final mission. They go on to make this an unforgettable place for Vice City players.

After Diaz is killed, Tommy takes over the mansion. Thus, it gets renamed to Vercetti estate and serves as the protagonist’s home for the second half of the game.

The location is also briefly shown in Vice city: Stories but appears to be under some kind of renovation.

3- Michael De Santa’s Residence

Source: grandtheftwiki

Michael’s home in GTA 5 is probably one of the most important houses in the entire series. The place serves as the main setting of Michael’s storyline right from the beginning of the game when Franklin is told to steal a car from the garage. We also get to see various important events like Michael’s separation from his wife and the re-union with his old pal Trevor.

Players can do various activities inside the house like Yoga, drinking or watching TV. Michael can also take hits from Jimmy’s bong when he is not home.

Although it doesn’t serve a huge role in GTA Online, the memorable moments give players a lot to remember when driving past it.

2- Mt. Chiliad

Source: GTA wiki

Present in both GTA V and SA, this is the biggest mountain in the entire region of San Andreas. The mountain is visible in any aerial picture of GTA 5 and stands out like a huge boulder in both games. In GTA 5, you just can’t keep the huge mountain out of view while driving anywhere out of Los Santos.

The location is surrounded by mystique in both games due to the various myths associated with it. The desolate nature and unique stand out appearance gives it an out of the world feel. IN GTA V, a UFO spawns on top of Mt. Chiliad sometimes, only increasing the player’s fascination towards it.

Climbing the mountain by road is considered a challenge in itself, with the gamers encountering multiple challenges on the way up. Steep slopes and difficult turns make climbing it a test of patience even with a good, powerful car. The amazing views after reaching the top, make these challenges absolutely worth it.

1- Grove Street, probably the most recognizable from all gta locations

“Grove street, home, atleast it was it was before i f*cked everything up”

Grove street is undoubtedly the most famous and iconic location in the entire series. It serves as the base of operations for the street gang GSF(Grove Street Families). Any true GTA player will recognize the place and associate it with their childhood and the amazing memories they have of playing GTA San Andreas.

CJ’s dialogue when he first reaches Grove Street is the first of many memorable ones delivered throughout GTA SA.

The street also returns in GTA V and has multiple references in the story line as to how the people have moved on from the place. It doesn’t have any particular role in GTA V story mode and is only visited by players who want to see how Grove street has changed over the years.

“Grove is king!!!”

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