Grendizer Review – an oldie but goldie flying saucer.

Grendizer Review

This will be a brief review but I just had to write a little about one of my favourite Anime. No, not Highschool DXD. An anime which had laid down the foundation of my Anime Fan hood. Yes, this is my Grendizer Review, which I was planning on doing for sometime.

Though you might be more interested in something a bit more recent, like my review on Aggretsuko Netflix show. But my favourite will always be my Fumetsu no Anata e Review. Be sure to check those out. So anyway, let’s get back to the article.

Grendizer- The Awesome Robot-type Anime had me glued to the screens as a kid. It is an animation created in the ’70s with a rough kind of animation style. But it has everything a young kid would want to trigger the vivid imagination that would otherwise be quite grey.

Grendizer visuals
Grendizer Review (c) Go Nagai/Grendizer Production committee

In this series from the future, we have the lead robot combining with and separating from a flying saucer. I could just stop here, and the awesomeness of that statement alone is enough to get my juices flowing. 

But let me try to do it justice, unlike other Robot themed Anime that we see like Voltron for example which had several small spaceships or robots combining together to make one big Robot or there would need some assembly of some sort, Grendizer is as big as the ship itself and does not require any elaborate assembly. That is Kick-Ass. And it sets the Anime apart from all the other copy-paste ways of transformation. At least to me, that little detail made all the differences. While most of my other friends and perhaps the majority love the idea of attaching multiple small robots to make one big one, I just loved this big-ass robot inside a flying saucer that required no installation whatsoever.

With that being said, the anime itself actually isn’t so great. The animation style was quite generic, but considering it was an anime from the ’70s, maybe it was decent enough. It had its uniqueness and yes; the ideas were quite original, but visually it would take a fan to love it. The designs of the UFOs and robots also seem repetitive with similar styling throughout. Even the fight scenes and the explosions, one expects to find in Robot wars lacked oomph.

Grendizer Review Poster
Grendizer Review (c) Go Nagai/Grendizer Production committee

The Anime, however, being in that era, it has the entertainment value one would expect from a kick-ass robot anime. While as corny as the sounds and effects are, they somehow made it work and seem to fit with the kind of animation the creator wanted us to see. 

As a historical piece, the anime does have its value. It may not have a big following here, but it is quite a well-known title elsewhere. But if I am going to remember it, it would be for Grendizer design, style, and awesome looks.

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