Grand Theft Auto 6- New Leak and The long-running Project Americas Rumor

Grand Theft Auto 6 is once again in the news after GameSpot reported a recent leak by YouTuber Tom Henderson who claims that GTA 6 will come out around 2025. Henderson also claimed that the game will be set in Vice City and feature a map that changes over seasons and time.

The speculations of GTA returning to Vice City is one that has been confirmed by the most credible leakers and accepted widely by the community. Vice City, which is based on real life Miami was one out of the many possible locations that fans were talking about for years. Newer leaks since then have seemingly established it to be the most probable location for the game.

Project Americas

A year or so back, a leaker who claimed to have credible sources and friends working for Rockstar, made an interesting post on 4chan which further made it’s way to Reddit. He revealed that the next installment is code-named Project Americas and confirmed Vice City to be it’s main location. The post was detailed and written in a very convincing manner which lead to it going viral across the internet very quickly.


According to the leak, the game’s story-line will be based mainly around drug cartels that operate on both sides of the border. Apart from Vice City, the game will also feature parts of South America and a fictional city which is based on Rio De Janeiro. We can also expect other smaller towns that serve a critical role in the story-line especially when it comes to smuggling.

The protagonist will presumably start off as a small time smuggler doing cocaine runs from South American towns to Vice City while making connections and building trust at the same time. Slowly and steadily he works his way up the ladder and establishes connections with powerful drug lords marking his name in the business.

The leaker also states:

  • The game will follow a chapter system similar to RDR2
  • Game is heavily inspired by Netflix’s Narcos
  • Weather is a heavy focus with floods and hurricanes included
  • Set in the 1980’s
  • The buildings and vehicles change over the years
  • Complicated, next level in game economy.
A video explaining the leak in detail

The newest leak by Tom Henderson supports multiple points made in the original Project Americas reddit post which has since been deleted. Although, the game having multiple playable characters as suggested by recent leaks, is more believable than the claims of there being only one protagonist.

The claims of the map changing over seasons and time suggest the game will originally start somewhere in the 1980’s and progress to present day through the various chapters in the story-line. It’s also suggested the map will be bigger than GTA 5 and RDR2’s combined.

However, all the leaks about the next GTA installment shouldn’t be taken seriously as none of this is verifiable information. If the leaks serve any purpose at all, it is to give fans a very vague idea as to how the game might turn out to be, that is if the information is correct.

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Source: YouTube/Tom Henderson, TheSun

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