Gokushufudou Review: Way Of The Househusband

The once legendary yakuza, whose name strikes fear among his rivals known to have single-handedly crushed a gang, is now living as a full-time-househusband to support his kyariaūman wife. This is Tolivi Tsuqu’s short Gokushufudou review of this short anime that took the world by storm.

The Way of the Househusband is a comedy series based on a manga written by Kousuke Oono. And it is one of the funniest anime I’ve watched. This popular Japanese manga also had its live-action television series that was a great success. The story is about Tatsu, an ex-boss yakuza, infamously known as “the immortal dragon”. He left the world of crimes to be a devoted househusband to his wife, Miku, who works as a designer.

Visuals from the anime Gokushufudou Review
(c) Kousuke Oono/ The Way of the House Husband Production Committee

It has five episodes, and each episode is between 16-19 minutes, with each episode further divided into six short episodes. Watching this series will have you wishing for a husband like Tatsu. Someone who is a skilled cook and prepares bento lunches for his wife while taking care of the house and grocery shopping to handling everything. One thing that is admirable about him is that he takes his job very seriously as a stay-at-home husband and makes sure that everything is perfect. This anime is very entertaining, and his encounter with his former rivals and acquaintances is hilarious. 

Every episode brings a new kind of comedy that makes it very entertaining and had me cracking up every time. The storyline is simple, easy to digest, and the characters’ overdramatic reactions add more fun. A heavily tattooed man with a scar on his face wearing an apron with his wife’s favourite characters printed on them and proudly wearing it is something hilarious but cute. With a straight face, while looking scary at the same time, his actions are rib-tickling. With his intimidating looks, it is easy-as-pie for people to fear him. Even when most of the time, there is no violence, which sets a comical atmosphere. 

One of my favourite episodes was watching him join the aerobics class and babbling about the type of poses; remembering his old days until the instructor asks him to stop was hysterical. Another funny encounter was with his former rival, where they were having a cooking competition. Then they took pictures of their food to post it on their social medias. Whoever walks away with more likes wins the battle.

Gokushufudou Review reaction to a dog.
Visuals from the anime Gokushufudou Review
(c) Kousuke Oono/ The Way of the House Husband Production Committee

Then, there’s Miku’s father, who was justifiably terrified when he first met Tatsu. But wanting to get along with Tatsu, he asks him to play a game of catch with him. It was his dream to play the game with his son if he had one. Later, we can see Miku’s father practising how to ask Tatsu to play a catch which is touching. This brief series is nothing but fun and enjoyment throughout. And it is very satisfying in a hilarious way to watch the immortal dragon singing happy birthday. 

Once in a while, it is great to watch a gender reverse role breaking the stereotypes existing in our society. A man taking care of the house while his wife pursues her career. They portray this concept very well in this series. Tatsu, from being a former yakuza boss to becoming a full-time househusband. But he enjoys doing all the chores and very much enjoys his new life and takes pride in his skills. He often repeats how being a househusband is difficult but reminds himself that he’s a pro.

Though Tatsu and Miku spending time together are rarely seen throughout the series, they seem to have a great bond, and their personalities complements each other very well. Tatsu makes a great househusband, and he loves collecting loyalty card points; also, he gets mad when he fails to grab a deal at the supermarket. And their cat is no less funny than any other character in the series. Going around the neighbourhood having conversations with the other animals and trying to poop in someone else’s compound. 

Gokushufudou Review Kitty
Visuals from the anime Gokushufudou Review
(c) Kousuke Oono/ The Way of the House Husband Production Committee

This short series is unique in its own way, and if you love humour, it will keep you entertained. Although a good deal of anime fans have criticized its animation style for lacking its animation quality and that the movements were a bit too stiff. Which makes it feels like it’s more of a comic motion than an anime. It was not an issue for me though. The voice acting is very impressive, and I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. I am waiting with bated breath to see what’s in store for season 2. 

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