God of Highschool Season 1: Review

God of Highschool Season 1

In 2020, The God of Highschool Season 1 debuted. It is an anime adaptation of the South Korean webtoon by Park Yongje. It was also produced by the animation studio MAPPA in collaboration with Crunchyroll and Webtoon. Here is my review of it.

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Introduction to God of Highschool Season 1:

God of Highschool Season 1
Photo (c): Seong-Hu Park/ MAPPA

This Action Based Anime follows a High school student Jin Mori and his Nakamas as they compete in an epic tournament. The winner of the tournament gets any wish granted by the gods. But, like most action-based anime, they also plunge into other action-packed adventure which showcases their strength and power.

The God Of high school season one comprises 13 action-packed episodes. It started off with a simple tournament where High School Youths compete against each other in a martial-arts based competition with exceptional powers. Of course, it was a quick fun style anime that can capture the imagination rather quickly. I had thought that the quick action moves of the characters, the quirky humour animation and off the bat cool characters were highly acceptable and well-executed.

The Tournament based action storytelling is also much appreciated in my opinion. The emphasis of the animation will have to be on the fighting techniques and in this regard, the Animators did the animation justice plus more. The Frame by Frame action sequences that did not have a hint of CGI was awesome to watch. In fact, it is after a while that I have seen the use of basic art and colours in a fight scene which made it seems so good. It is as if the page by page movement of the characters and the action were laid emphasis on, with the littlest details being paid attention to.

The Fight scenes are visually gorgeous. The protagonist in this case also followed the famous formula of being quirky but incredibly strong which is always a treat. Adding that to the visually enticing fight scenes makes it for one entertaining visual festival.

Anime Progression and Art Style:

God of Highschool Season 1
Photo (c): Seong-Hu Park/ MAPPA

The brush strokes and fine pencil lines made the characters incredible to look at as they move in the fight scenes. The simplicity of the art is just amazing to watch as each character is driven intensely into the scenes.

However, as the anime progresses, the Tournament style action is replaced by a more supernatural fight scene of saving the world from an evil organisation and while that may have an appeal to most audiences. I found that to be a disappointment.

This abrupt change in direction which is supposed to be this intense climax action fight felt like a letdown. It was as if a forced sense of enthusiasm was injected into the Anime. To be honest, the Tournament fights were way more entertaining and visually a treat. The bad choice of the soundtracks also did not help as what was happening and what one heard were completely off sync with each other.

The God of Highschool comprising 13 episodes in season 1 tried to do too much perhaps in its first season alone. It started with a solid foundation but collapsed on its own by trying to do too much in such a limited number of episodes.

However after the Supernatural Saving the world fight scenes, the animators did bring us back into pace with future ideas or visions of what the anime could be in the future seasons. The direction it’s headed did carry with it the excitement of Dragon Ball Z Adventure Journey and Ninku’s visually powerful fights scenes waiting to happen.


In conclusion, The First season of the God Of High school did pique my interest in the anime. It also clearly showcased what’s to come in the seasons ahead. While the first season may seem a little rushed and packed. It is still a visual feast with its art and animation. The Characters and powers are as exciting as that of a demon slayer. And visually also very appealing while not as flashy as that of a demon slayer. Yet the simplicity did the job for me. I do hope they continue with what they did during the tournament-style fighting and continue to tingle our visual senses.

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