Gibraltar Apex Legends: why he is forever meta.

Ever since the start of apex legends competitive, Gibraltar has always been meta. But why is this so? Here’s my take on why the Gibraltar dome is so important.

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Gibraltar: An Introduction

Gibraltar in Apex legends
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Makoa Gibraltar or simply Gibraltar in Apex legends is a Defensive Legend who is one of the first legends introduced in the game. He is the son of two SARAS (Search and Rescue Association of Solace) volunteers. Because of his previous trauma on Solace and the nature of his upbringing, Gibraltar has a kind-hearted nature. Despite being buffed and nerfed multiple times by RESPAWN, Gibraltar in Apex legends has been picked relentlessly in the competitive scene for while now.


  • Tactical Ability (Dome of Protection):

His tactical ability throws out a large Dome of Protection which blocks and protects legends within it from incoming gunfire and any projectiles or ordinances. The dome has a radius of 6 meters and lasts 12 seconds offering plenty of time to heal up or revive downed teammates. Gibraltar can also revive allies 33% faster while inside his Dome. This ability is one of the major reasons why Gibraltar is heavily picked in Competitive Apex games.

  • Passive Ability (Gun Shield):

His passive ability is activated while ADS (Aiming Down Sight) with any weapon. When activated he deploys a gun shield with 50 hp.

  • Ultimate Ability (Defensive Bombardment):

His ultimate ability (Defensive Bombardment) is one where Gibraltar throws a signal on a marked position of his choosing and on that marked position a concentrated mortar strike is deployed. This ability covers a 24-metre radius which lasts six seconds and can do 40 damage per hit.

  • Perk (Fortified):

Legends with the fortified perk have their incoming damage reduced by 15%. They are also not vulnerable to slowed effects caused by bullets. This is given to compensate legends with big hitboxes.

Why is Gibraltar in Apex Legends Competitive so good?

Gibraltar Dome in Apex Legends.
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Being the best defensive legend in the game. He was picked 100% in NA ALGS Playoffs. Gibraltar is almost an assured pick in any competitive game or tournament because of the utility he offers to the team. In NA(North America) top teams like TSM, COL and LIQUID all use Gibraltar regularly in their tournaments and their regular success in the competitive scene is testament to his usefulness. Top players like TSM Reps or Matafe from GUILD Esports dominate competitive lobbies while also supporting their team

His tactical ability(Gibraltar Dome) is the main reason for this. Having the ability to instantly provide protection during a gunfight or revive a downed teammate without consequence is one that proves extremely useful in highly skilled lobbies. This also gives teams an opportunity to reset or retreat from an unfavourable situation. Since his powerful abilities offer so much utility in tournaments where thousands of dollars are on the line, almost every team has to pick him.

Gibraltar is usually seen to be run with a shotgun loadout. This compliments his passive and tactical which is optimal for using shotguns when deployed in combination. Using Shotguns are also useful in Competitive as they need less ammo. This means less inventory space is used. Shotguns also require minimum attachments to be useful. RESPAWN has tried to change the meta by tweaking this legend multiple times. But unless a drastic change in his tactical ability takes place then this does not look like happening anytime soon.

How to use Gibraltar in Apex legends: Tips and tricks

Gibraltar in Apex Legends
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  • Use Domes Effectively:

The Gibraltar Dome can be used in many different ways instead of just laying it down for defence. One can use the dome to push teams or play aggressively by laying it forward and using the cover to push effectively. These types of fights using the dome are also known as “bubble fights”. You can also use the dome to retreat and cover yourself from the enemy line of sight.

  • Use Passive(Gun Shield) Creatively:

Since Gibraltar’s passive can take 50 hp of damage and takes 9 seconds to redeploy once down, this leaves room for many creative uses. You can peek corners more aggressively without having to worry about taking damage and re-peek once it is destroyed. You can also block arc stars and grenades while crouching and looking at the grenade while ADS. This can be used to level up Evo shields faster as you can afford to be more aggressive than other legends at a distance.

  • Run Shotguns Always:

Since Gibraltar is usually gonna be played at either long-range (because of his huge hitbox) or extremely short-range (because of his dome push). It is important to run shotguns that are very powerful in these short ranges. Especially during “bubble fights” when you are gonna be fighting in and out of cover. Running a shotgun will offer the most damage in the least amount of shots.

  • Don’t be afraid to take the 1v1:

In a 1v1 situation, Gibraltar usually comes out as the victor. Especially in highly ranked lobbies where the gun skill is quite similar amongst players. This is because of his fortified perk which allows him to take 15% less damage whilst also being immune to bullet slowed effects.


All these points simply add to the fact that Gibraltar is the current best defensive Apex legend. This is my reasoning as to why he is constantly picked in competition. In casual play, however, Gibraltar has a pick rate of 3.3% across all ranks as of today. This is because of his huge hitbox which makes him seem slower(although he isn’t). And his defensive style of play is not as fun as playing aggressively in a casual setting.

However, Maggie’s introduction into the Apex games might change a few perspectives on the Gibraltar Meta. Since her ability allows her to drill through the Gibraltar dome and shoot out a flamethrower through that drill, it might be an interesting counter to him. Unfortunately, her overall kit does not seem to be optimally matched for competitive play and it does not look like there’s going to be any change in the nearby future.

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