Top Ten Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers!

In the anime Fairy Tail, there are several kinds of individuals using different kinds of magic. In this place called Earth-land, these wizards form guilds and groups where they can complete quests and compete with each other. A few of these powerful wizards in Fairy Tail use a Lost Magic known as the “Dragon Slayers Magic”. Dragon Slayers are one of the strongest wizards and they master different Dragon’s attribute and elements. Many people sought these powers of a dragon slayer because of how strong they are.

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Source : Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima/ Fairy Tail production committee

There are five generations of Dragon slayers but here we will determine only the first three gen as per the anime. The First-Generation got Dragon Slayer Magic from their Dragon caretaker itself. These dragons taught and raised the human child and they inherit the power and magic. Whereas the Second-Generation was through the implantation of Dragon Lacrima in their bodies. As for the Third-Generation, dragons took care of them and taught them the magic but also implanted Dragon Lacrima in their bodies.

Here we will make out the weakest to strongest list of Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers which is only in the anime series.

10. ERIK

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Source : Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima/ Fairy Tail production committee

Erik aka Cobra is from the second-Generation Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers. He is a former member of the disbanded Dark Guild, Oración Seis. In the show, he was a quite a match even against Natsu and Erza during the Oración Seis arc. He wields the Poison Dragon Slayer Magic and uses his sound and hearing magic to his advantage by predicting his opponent’s movements. He can also listen to his opponent’s emotions and thoughts. Erik later joined Crime Sorcière, a group formed by Jellal Fernandes, that sets out to defeat Zeref The Black Wizard.


Source : Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima/ Fairy Tail production committee

The youngest of all Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers, Wendy. Grandeeney taught her how to use Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. And she is also a dragon who took upon herself to raise Wendy. Because she is a dragon, Wendy became one of the First-Generation Dragon Slayer. Wendy is always with her partner Carla the Exceed. Despite lacking fighting experience and because she is also not fond of fighting, her journey still leads her to many fights and dangerous scenarios. Especially when it comes to protecting her friends, she will do anything in her power to win a fight. Despite her young age, she is very talented, skilled and even managed to master the Dragon Force before Natsu. Wendy is more specialised in Healing Magic and Enchantment. Though she proved herself worthy in the battle with Irene, when she fought alongside with Erza (Alvarez Empire arc).


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Source : Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima/ Fairy Tail production committee

Rogue is a member of the Sabertooth Guild, he was raised and taught Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic by Skiadrum. He is a Third-Generation Dragon Slayer. Rogue and Sting are always together along with their Exceed partners Frosch and Lector. They are also known as The Twin Dragons of Sabertooth. In the series we have seen that Rogue is capable of handling battles only when Sting is there to help him out. Except comparing to his future self where he is quite strong (Grand Magic Games Arc), which means that he has the potential and room to grow even stronger.


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Source : Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima/ Fairy Tail production committee

Sting, member of the Sabertooth Guild is also its current guild master. Like Rogue, he is a Third-Generation Dragon Slayer who was raised and trained by Weisslogia to use White Dragon Slayer Magic. Sting is a strong mage and a capable fighter who even took down Sabertooth’s previous Guild Master for harming his Exceed partner Lector. During the Alvarez Empire Arc Sabertooth assists Fairy Tail in fighting against the Spriggan 12 and Sting was up against Larcade, one of the most powerful mages. Sting was able to defeat him with the help of Rogue by combining their magic with White Shadow Dragon Mode.


Source : Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima/ Fairy Tail production committee

Gajeel was a former member and S-Class mage of Phantom Lord. Later he joins Fairy Tail. A First-Generation Dragon Slayer, he uses Iron Dragon Slayer Magic and was raised and taught magic by Metalicana. He is a powerful mage but not as strong as Laxus which he himself admits. Panther Lily from Edolas is his Exceed partner and they are always together on any mission like any other Dragon Slayers. Gajeel has fought many battles and proved that he is strong and can handle anyone who comes at him. He fought against Edolas Royal Army, Sting and Rogue, Tartaros Nine Demon Gate Torafuzar, Dark Dragon and  Bloodman. We can see in all these fights that he is strong enough to handle on his own.


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Source : Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima/ Fairy Tail production committee

Laxus is an S-Class mage of Fairy Tail Guild, he is a Second-Generation Dragon Slayer and uses Lighting Dragon Slayer Magic. He is also the grandson of Makarov, Fairy Tail’s Guild Master. At the beginning of the series he is quite a troublesome character and causes nuisance, he is arrogant and always looks down on those he thinks are weak. In the later part of the series, however, he shows himself worthy to be part of the Fairy Tail family. He is constantly fighting for his guild and has won several battles on his own. He even controls Fairy Law, one of Fairy Tail’s Three Great Legendary Magic. In the Grand Magic Games, he fought and won against the whole team of Raven Tail and Jura, one of the Ten Magic Saints.  

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Source : Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima/ Fairy Tail production committee

He is a powerful mage, also the number one of the Ten Wizard Saints, and member of the Spriggan 12. He is a Second-Generation Dragon Slayer. Like Laxus and Cobra, his body was implanted with lacrima. The only difference is that in his body there are 8 lacrimas from different Dragon slaying attributes. Therefore he is also known as Eight-Dragon God Serena. Even though he was strong he was easily killed by Acnologia with just one blow. Proving that Acnologia is way stronger than him despite his title of the Ten Wizard Saints.


Source : Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima/ Fairy Tail production committee

Irene Belserion, member of the Spriggan 12, is the most powerful mage in the group next to Zeref. Besides this, she is also the mother of Dragon Slayer Magic and also Erza’s biological parent. She is often regarded as the Scarlet Despair. Like Acnologia she can transform to a Dragon. She inherited her Sage Dragon Slaying magic from a Dragon named Belserion, one of the Dragons who co-existed with humans during her time. Irene is also a First-Generation Dragon Slayer.


Source : Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima/ Fairy Tail production committee

Natsu is a member of Fairy Tail and Zeref’s younger brother. He was raised and trained to use Fire Dragon Slayer Magic by Igneel. He is a First-Generation Dragon Slayer. Accompanied by his Exceed best friend Happy, he is very reckless and tends to jump into fights without thinking properly. However, when it comes to his friends who are in danger he is willing to do whatever he can.

In the first appearance of the series Natsu was easily defeated by Gildarts, Laxus, Mirajane and Erza, but as the show went on we see Natsu’s progressions and capability of becoming stronger than the S-Class mage in his guild. Though Natsu is still not an S-Class (as he did not complete the exam of S-Class Wizards) he trained hard, fought multiple battles and gained experience to the point when he awakened his E.N.D hidden power. Natsu was able to defeat Zeref, even Acnologia with the help of all the dragon slayers combining their magic. 


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Source : Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima/ Fairy Tail production committee

Acnologia is known as The Dragon King, and is the first Dragon Slayer, the strongest of all dragon slayers. No wonder he is feared by many due to his enormous power and strength. He can transform to Dragon or Human at will. He is ruthless and always thinks highly of himself but acknowledges Irene of her strength and magic for holding up against him( Alvarez Empire Arc). Without batting an eye, Acnologia destroys an entire country.   

So what do you think about this list? Doesn’t it make you want to watch the show even more? Or maybe you prefer Black Clover? Maybe you want to know the strongest Magic Captain, just check our list as well.

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Source : Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Wiki

Featured image from Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima/ Fairy Tail production committee

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