Euro Truck Simulator 2- A silent hit among PC games

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Euro Truck Simulator 2, released in 2012, gives gamers an opportunity to step into the shoes of a European trucker. Nine years since the release, the game has developed a very loyal fan-base that, apart from casual players, includes real life truckers as well. New features are constantly being rolled out, adding to the realistic feel of the game.

The simulator has completely been revamped since its launch and one can say that apart from the basic mechanics, almost nothing is as it was back in the beginning stages. The game has become the flagship project of SCS software alongside American Truck Simulator and is consistently being improved for the better with new updates every month.

Some players define the game as being immersive in a completely unique and peaceful way. The satisfying handling of the trucks, the atmospheric beauty and the stress-free gameplay result in somewhat of a relaxing experience. This can be felt especially after a hard day’s work.

In an interview back in 2019 with PC Gamer, Pavel Sebor of SCS revealed, “When we first released Euro Truck Simulator 2 into the world, we weren’t even sure it would be popular enough to cover the cost of development.” He added that the scale of the game at launch was much bigger than anything they had attempted before, making its development look like a huge risk.

euro truck simulator 2 scenery

Speaking of the different aspects of the game, he states, “At the time of release, this combination was quite rare in simulator games. Some of our players enjoy exploring the world; some like customising and tuning their trucks; many enjoy the rags-to-riches aspect of building their trucking company up from one small garage to a huge logistics operation.”

Euro Truck Simulator 2 somehow perfectly balances between being a hardcore simulator and a casual, fun drive based on the player’s choices. New game-play options that have been added can make it more complex, giving dedicated and hardcore simmers more realism and control while trucking. The best way to enjoy the game is by using a steering wheel. However, driving with a keyboard is satisfactory enough for the most part.

The enormous map and what’s next for the game

People from across the gaming community play and enjoy the game. Even gamers who previously had no interest in trucks. Pavel Sebor states, “For a long time we thought we were making simulators for those people who love trucks. But then it dawned on us that plenty of people play Euro Truck Simulator 2 who don’t have any interest in them at all.”

The game world is absolutely enormous and takes a lot of hours of playing to explore fully. At launch there was only central Europe available, that included Germany and small parts of it’s surrounding nations. Over the years, DLC’s have been released and the game now almost has the entirety of Europe, barring a few nations here and there. The remaining parts of Europe will be included soon with new DLC’s.

euro truck simulator 2 map
The map excluding the latest Iberia DLC, Reddit

Talking about the map team, Sebor says “As time has gone on, the game world has become more and more elaborate. Six years ago the whole company was a small team of around 15 people at its busiest times. Now we have about half our company developing ETS2, which amounts to over 70 people working full-time. Previously, creating the whole game was a task for two to three people, and now the team working on the map alone consists of over 40 different designers.” The Iberia DLC has recently been added to the game which adds Spain and Portugal to the mix. Next up, a Russia DLC has been teased by SCS, which will reportedly include the remaining Russian cities which fall in Europe.

A Gameplay video showing the latest DLC

When asked if they are going to make another new edition, he states, “Euro Truck Simulator 2 has become such a long-term platform for us that we have never really made any commitment to making a third game. But if we did ever want to make a new one, we’d have to do it from scratch to justify it, and improve on everything we have currently. But we don’t have the time or the team size for such a venture at the moment.”

According to Sebor, SCS will continue to work on ETS 2 for quite a long time now: “We’re constantly working on new features, and we’re always upgrading the engine, assets, physics and scenery. We also have a lot of common requested features including seasons, more varied weather, and multiplayer.”

PC Gamer rightly terms the game as “The best road trip on PC”. Here on, we can only expect the game to get better and better as time goes on.

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