Drugs In Shillong: Drug culture gripping our youth


With the ever-changing views and ideologies of the youth in Shillong, one thing that has unfortunately gained traction is the growing use of drugs in Shillong. This has been brought about by a multitude of reasons which we will dive into in this article.

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Why are drugs in Shillong being used?

Drug addiction
Photo (c): DNAindia

With unemployment and high school dropouts on the rise, more and more of our youth are going on drugs in Shillong for relief. This has become a dangerously increasing trend, especially in today’s times where lawlessness and crime are also on the rise. Having no jobs means having not much to do and this state of idleness has caused the younger generations to shift their energy elsewhere.

Another factor that often remains overlooked is the mental health and mental state of the people. According to who.int, Coronavirus or Covid-19 has greatly disrupted mental health services in most countries. With funding for these services already being scarce this indirectly affects the rate of drug use among teens and adults who already suffer from mental illnesses.

Covid mental health
Photo (c) : kff.org

With the increasing use of drugs in Shillong, drug-related crimes have also been on the rise. These have been rampant throughout the city affecting all sections of society.

Drug peddlers apprehended at Nongpoh

Drugs in Shillong
Photo (c): TheShillongTimes

On January 26, 2022, a group of youths from the area had apprehended 3 drug addicts and a peddler from Nongpoh. The peddler had been identified as Baiakmenlang Tiewsoh who was 30 years of age. The 3 addicts along with the peddler had been taken to the Nongpoh Police Station. They had also seized a sizeable amount of cocaine from them.

A day later in the morning of January 27, one of the apprehended individuals had taken his own life at the UTP cell in Shillong.

Drugs worth 2.7 Crore Seized

Drugs in Shillong
Photo (c) : TheShillongTimes

On December 22, 2021, The Nongstoin police along with the Anti Narcotic Task Force(ANTF) of Nongstoin had seized nine kilograms of drugs of around Rs 2.7 crore in value from the Urkali junction in Nongstoin. The individual apprehended for the possession of these drugs was named Moktadir Rahman. They had seized these drugs from a Bolero car under his possession.

The Nongstoin Police had then registered a case under the NDPS Act.

How do we help someone using drugs in Shillong?

Drug user recovery
Photo (c): Shadow Mountain Recovery

Helping someone get out of drug use is not an easy task. However, there are ways to do so if one is patient and willing to help:


Not everyone can grasp why a certain person could be using drugs. Some turn to drugs to cope with pain or mental illness and some have just been caught into this habit without understanding the consequences. We must not judge without trying to understand the individual first and being considerate also goes a long way to helping them.


In most cases, a drug user continues his drug use because he feels as though he has not been heard. Do not be afraid to honestly tell him or her about their current situation and how far they’ve gone off the deep end. Try to come up with realistic solutions instead of offering false promises.


Let them know that all hope is not lost yet. Inform them appropriately of the different ways they can get help whether it be going to rehab, calling a helpline, or simply visiting a medical professional.


One conversation alone cannot fix years of addiction and pain. Getting out of this habit takes time and patience and one should also be prepared to face denial and aggression from the affected user. Adjust properly and support them throughout this process.

Why action on Drugs in Shillong needs to take place

Drug addict
Photo (c) : IndiaToday

Although the Police are already acting on the drug situation in Shillong, more action needs to take place. Stricter laws and rigorous investigations need to be set in order for any sort of change to arise. Apart from the police, however, people within the society itself also need to look out for one another. We need to start educating our youths on the dangers of these drugs. We also need to be constantly keeping these things away from them.

Furthermore, the government itself needs to take necessary steps towards keeping the streets drug-free. They also need to be passing any regulations needed to do so. Appropriate action must be taken by all these different sections of society. Before our society itself crumbles at the hands of these evil substances.


In conclusion, I personally believe that we are at a very crucial time where the drug situation in Shillong has become very volatile. One small step in the wrong direction could greatly affect the overall scenario. Therefore, it is imperative that we as the people of Shillong need to push for change. We need to push for not only our youths but also ourselves and we can only do this by looking out for one another. Because only in unity will we find harmony amongst our people.

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2 Comments on “Drugs In Shillong: Drug culture gripping our youth”

  1. Simple and nicely written. However there are two main points i wish to add on….

    1. Lets stop looking at Substance Abuse from a Criminal Prespective. Laws and Police is counter productive to the efforts. Govt and Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment needs to get off thei Ass and start Funding for Qualified Professional in the field (Not Social Worker LOL)

    2. Help by ensuring Qualified Psychological Counsellors are the people taking charge. Feeling the need to help is good but it will do more harm than help if along the way it becomes just mere listening to “problems” at the top layer only and not dealing it at the core.

  2. Thank you for the points! I’ll try looking at it from this perspective if I ever get into this topic again in the future.

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