Dr Stone: Another mystery arises amidst heartful reunion; Chapter 198 release date!!!

The latest Dr Stone chapter 197 left readers speechless as it revealed another new information regarding the petrification, leaving Senku and his team with more questions rather than answers. Manga reader fans are eagerly waiting for what’s coming next in the upcoming chapter “Medusa of Whyman” that is expected to be released on May 30th, 2021.

For those who haven’t followed the story in the manga, this post is a brief recap of what happened in the latest chapter, so it contains 10 billion percent spoilers. Fair warning :3 …

Suika revives Senku

Chapter 197 was unbelievable, to say the least. Suika spent years trying to making the revival fluid to save everyone, and after 7 years, she finally succeeded in reviving Senku, who along with all others were petrified inorder to win against Dr Xeno . After Senku was revived, he and Suika revived the rest of the team in the span of 16 days including Hyoga and Tsukasa. It was later revealed that Tsukasa saw Hyoga die in front of his eyes long before the petrification beam hit them. With this, Senku has confirmed his theory that the Medusa rejects even death, and regards the petrification device as humanity’s forbidden fruit. This opens up multiple possibilities and speculations that are driving fans insane.

The Petrification Device

Dr Stone Chapter 198 is projected to be release on May 3oth, 2021. Unlike before, Dr Stone is not on any such delay. Fans can eagerly wait for Dr Stone 198 to be released as per its original schedule. For more such updates, make sure to visit us at NEOtakus where we provide all the latest news and updates.

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