Dorohedoro Characters: A colorful bunch of psychos

Dorohedoro Characters

The gruesome and disturbing world of Dorohedoro comes with its share of crazy characters. Here’s a deep dive into what makes the Dorohedoro characters so unique. Note: this article is written in relation to the anime, so all information given is not in line with the manga. Therefore, a few characters are left out to avoid spoilers since the second season is yet to be released.

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An introduction to the story and Dorohedoro characters :

Dorohedoro (c) Yuchiro Hayashi/MAPPA studios

Dorohedoro is a story written by Q Hayashida filled with an insane group of lovable sociopaths. This is a story set in two separate dimensions. First is the hole which is the grimey slum-like underground where humans live that is heavily polluted with “smoke” which is the source and life force of the sorcerer’s magic. The other dimension is the sorcerer’s world where magic users live and thrive. In the world of Dorohedoro humans and sorcerers are two separate entities. Also, humans exist naturally whereas sorcerers exist from a devil named Chidaruma.

“Smoke” is the entity that determines the strength and value of a sorcerer. The more “smoke” an individual possesses is directly proportional to his strength. Because of this, “smoke” is a highly valuable substance that is bought and sold. A black market version of “smoke” is sold as “Black powder” which is dangerous to consume because of side effects. Despite this, there are many people in this universe who are addicted to it. The “Cross eyes” is a criminal organisation that deals in the production and sale of this powder. They are the natural enemy to the En Family.

However, both of the dimensions of Hole and the sorcerer’s world are equally chaotic and lawless, with more humans living in the hole. The sorcerers also occasionally cross dimensions into the hole to use the humans as their puppets and test out their magic on them.

The anime sets off in the hole dimension where we are introduced to Kaiman. We see Kaiman trying to chew off the head of another human. The reason as to why he is doing this is later explained as the story develops.

Dorohedoro Characters :

Kaiman (Main dorohedoro Characters) :

Dorohedoro (c) Yuchiro Hayashi/MAPPA studios

Kaiman is a human born in the hole with a lizard head who is immune to magic. He is the main protagonist among the Dorohedoro Characters. Why he has a lizard head and why he is immune to magic is unknown to him. He assumes that the reason for his head is the curse of a sorcerer. His main objective in the story is to find out who gave him this curse.

He hunts the magic users which enter the hole along with his companion Nikaido because of his goal. Kaiman also does this because there is an inner being within his head that is trapped in him. He clamps his head on every magic-user he sees. And while the magic-user is inside his mouth the inner being then comes out to see whether the magic-user in his mouth is the one who has cursed Kaiman. This inner being has always been inside him ever since he was cursed and he had just instinctively felt that putting the magic users inside his mouth would help him in finding the one who cursed him.

Because of the curse afflicted upon him, Kaiman has a unique fighting style. He usually tears apart and slices open magic users with a pair of knives. After which he chomps down on them with his huge mouth and asks his inner being to do the needful.

Nikaido :

Dorohedoro Noi
Dorohedoro (c) Yuchiro Hayashi/MAPPA studios

Nikaido is Kaimans closest companion and friend. She is characterised by her blonde hair and attractive figure. One of the reasons why Kaiman loves her so much is her ability to cook. His favourite dish, in particular, is her speciality gyoza which she serves at her restaurant “The Hungry Bug”.

As the story develops, we find out that Nikaido is secretly a magic user who was born in the sorcerer’s world. Despite the fact that she possesses insane physical strength and ability. She is In fact, an extremely special magic-user with amazing power.

The relationship between her and Kaiman is more a buddy-cop type of thing, instead of one between lovers. Despite this, the bond between them is still strong and unbreakable.

En :

Dorohedoro En
Dorohedoro (c) Yuchiro Hayashi/MAPPA studios

En is one of the strongest of the Dorohedoro Characters of the sorcerer’s world and head of the En family. He runs almost all of the businesses of this dimension and is seen as one of its most important figures.

En possesses an abundance of “smoke” and because of this, he has enormous power. This power allows him to manipulate his smoke to turn into mushrooms and can dispel enough mushrooms to cover a large city. Although it might not sound menacing, the way he uses his power is quite gruesome since he is also able to dispel these mushrooms inside a human body destroying them from the inside and out.

He is one of the main antagonists of the series and is also in search of the same magic user who had cursed Kaiman. Due to this reason, En and his henchmen end up clashing with Kaiman and his associates. However, the reason for his hatred for the magic-user who cursed Kaiman is because of an altercation he had with the “Cross-eyes” organisation earlier in the story. The magic-user is believed to be the head of the “Cross-eyes”. He had nearly died during this event and this had traumatised En to such a level that he is willing to go back in time just to make sure that the magic-user is dead.

Shin :

Dorohedoro Shin
Dorohedoro (c) Yuchiro Hayashi/MAPPA studios

Shin is one of En’s henchmen and was hired as his cleaner. He also has a companion with whom he shares an unbreakable bond with whose name is Noi. Although Shin also possesses a large amount of “smoke” he wasn’t able to harness this power alone. Before he was in the sorcerer’s world he was trapped in the hole and met Kusakabe. Kusakabe was a doctor at one of the hospitals in the hole. It was him who had helped Shin tap into his actual abilities and powers.

Shin’s power in specific is the ability to slice up his enemies without having them die. He can also use his smoke to form a shield against projectiles and gunfire.

As time passed within the story he and Noi became extremely close as they were both partners hired by En.

Noi :

Dorohedoro Noi
Dorohedoro (c) Yuchiro Hayashi/MAPPA studios

Noi is also one of En’s henchmen and close companions of Shin. She was also hired by En to be a cleaner along with Shin. She is characterised by her silver hair and extremely buff stature and body. So buff to the point where you would not notice she was a woman when she had her mask on.

Her power is the insanely rare and powerful ability of healing. Because of this, she tends to not care about the damage she can take because of the extent of her healing powers. She also has extreme physical ability and strength because of the way her body is built.

We also find out early in the story that she is related to En. She is said to be his cousin.

Ebisu :

Dorohedoro Ebisu
Dorohedoro (c) Yuchiro Hayashi/MAPPA studios

Ebisu is also a member of En’s organisation. She was introduced early on in the story as one of the magic users that Kaiman tried to assault in the hole. As Kaiman tried to chomp down on her with his mouth Ebisu was then saved by Fujita. While trying to save her, Fujita had torn apart her face as he pulled her away from Kaimans mouth. Noi had then healed her after she escaped with Fujita.

Because of the trauma of having her face torn off, she was then left with an inability to speak and a bit of amnesia.

Ebisu has a special power however and her smoke allows her to turn people into lizard-like creatures. Because of her childhood addiction to “Black powder” which is the black market equivalent of “smoke”. Her power is sometimes uncontrollable and comes with many side effects.

Fujita :

Dorohedoro Fujita
Dorohedoro (c) Yuchiro Hayashi/MAPPA studios

Fujita is a simple magic-user with limited power. He is one of the first characters introduced in the story who was assaulted by Kaiman and Nikaido. His friend Matsumura was killed by Kaiman who was in search of the sorcerer who cursed him and was about to also kill Fujita who was just saved in time by his friend who had died. He had done so by opening a “magic door” right below him just as he was getting eaten by Kaiman. A “magic door” is the mode sorcerers use to travel in and out of the hole.

Because of what happened and how his friend died, Fujita bears a strong hatred towards Kaiman and wants to kill him.

He is a low ranking member of the En organisation because of his lack of “smoke” and general weakness. He later becomes quite close to Ebisu after saving her and develops a close partnership with her.

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