Disney Princesses and Their Villains: Part 1

Disney Princesses and Villains

A “Disney princess” or Disney Princesses is a media franchise owned by the Walt Disney Company. Here we are going to see part one of the twelve official Disney princesses and the villains who despise them and want to use them to gain kingship.

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Disney Princesses
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Eleven characters from this list are from the Walt Disney Animations Studios Films and one character is from the Pixar Films. All these twelve characters are selected as the Official Disney Princesses. Here we will see about the life of those animated Disney princesses with the villains and how they are facing them. Some of these Disney princesses are Royal by blood and some got the title of the princess by marrying into the royal family. Some are the chief’s daughter and are considered princesses and so on and so forth. So, most of them are not really princesses by blood but rather commoners who earn their way to being a princess. These twelve princesses are Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida and Muana.

Part one of the 12 Disney Princesses:


Disney Princesses
Photo(c): Walt Disney Pictures

Snow White is the female protagonist of the Disney animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). She was the first of the Disney Princesses. She was born in a Royal family where her mother died after her birth, the King remarried an evil witch, and soon the kingdom was taken over by her after the king’s death. The evil witch now has the power to rule all over the kingdom and everyone must obey her every command.

The evil queen has this obsession about being the fairest of them all by asking her magic mirror on the wall. As for Snow White, after her father’s death, she was made to work in the castle her entire life. Years later she had grown up into this most beautiful young lady, the magic mirror now, reveals Snow White as “the fairest maiden in the land” instead of the evil queen which angered the evil witch who forces her out of the castle into the deep forest and hired a huntsman to kill Snow White.

But the huntsman felt bad and freed the Princess after warning her not to go back to the castle. She then meets the seven dwarfs inside the enchanted forest in their little cottage. They were surprised to find her at first but soon after grew fond of her as she upkeeps their little cottage and prepares them food as they go mining for jewels during the day.

But her short adventure does not last long as the magic mirror reveals to the evil witch that snow white is alive and is still the fairest of them all, this news outraged the witch with anger who then prepared a poison apple so that Snow-white would sleep for eternity. So she went and disguised herself as an old woman and went to the forest to give snow white this mouth-watering apple and she ate it and immediately fell to the ground. Thus, the evil witch once again proclaimed the title of being the fairest maiden in the land.

The Dwarfs found out about what the witch had done to her and they laid Snow White in a glass coffin as she slept. After a year, a prince learnt about her deep sleep and went into the forest in search of her and finally, he found the princess lying asleep there in the glass coffin. He gazed at her and then kissed snow white which woke her up from that deep sleep. Everyone was happy and filled with joy and so he took her to his castle where they lived together forever.


Disney Princesses
Photo(c): Walt Disney Pictures

Cinderella is the second of the Disney Princesses in the animated Disney film Cinderella. She is also the first Disney character to marry into a royal family which makes her the second Disney princess produced by the Walt Disney Production along with the other two sequels of Cinderella. The first part of Cinderella’s story begins when she was an only child whose mother had passed away and her father remarried to a widow, Lady Tremaine with her two daughters Anastasia and Drizella.

Shortly after that her father also died and she was left alone with her stepmother and her two daughters, this is the time when she was badly ill-treated by her stepmother and her stepsisters but remains sweet and kind to them despite being overloaded with lots of chores around the chateau. She was constantly being insulted by her stepsisters before going to the Grand Ball held by the King for the Prince at the Palace.

Eventually, she got to attend the Ball with the help of her fairy godmother and she got to dance with the Prince. At the stroke of midnight, she ran away leaving her glass slipper behind, after which the prince tried to find her through that very glass slipper. Her stepmother tried to prevent this from happening so she locked Cinderella up in the attic. But with the help of her little mice friends, Jaq and Gus along with her dog Bruno who chases away the evil stepmother’s cat Lucifer, they freed Cinderella and she finally got to try on the glass slipper which the prince used to search for her that could not fit into her stepsisters. The prince then took Cinderella to his palace and happily marries her, making her one of the Disney Princesses as they went on their honeymoon together.

In Cinderella, part 2 Dream Come True after returning from their honeymoon Cinderella being new to the royal family did not have any clue what to do with all the traditions about the way to dress and eat and walk like a princess which made her uncomfortable. She was put in charge of the royal banquet guided by the lead maid named Prudence, who introduced Cinderella to the new ladies-in-waiting:  Beatrice and Daphne. Cinderella was being taught how to prepare the banquet which all falls down during the dance rehearsal.

As she was so upset that she could not do anything right. Her mouse friend tried to comfort her and she decided she will do things her way without following the old traditions by inviting all the peasants from the village. Prudence warns her that the royal banquet is only for the aristocrats and the dukes but Cinderella insist that it would be more lively this way. She then removes all the curtains from the Palace and also asks to remove prunes from the menu.

When the King and the Prince return, the King was full of anger and rage when he saw peasants and curtains being removed but at that moment Daphne accidentally drops chocolate pudding on the King’s head and he calms down having tasted the new change in the pudding and so he was satisfied with the new changes that Cinderella made at the palace. She also promises the Prince that she will do better next time at being a Princess. In the third part of Cinderella: Twist in Time, Lady Tremaine and her two daughters show up again. But this time it is different as Cinderella and the prince celebrated their first anniversary by going on a picnic with her godmother and her mice friends Jaq and Gus. The magic wand was then taken by Anastasia who accidentally turned the fairy godmother into a statue.

Seeing this Lady Tremaine took the wand and plotted something evil, she goes back in time to alter the love story between Cinderella and the prince and replaced her with Anastasia instead but the Prince was not convinced so she cast a spell to make him forget Cinderella and accept Anastasia as his fiancé. The mice told Cinderella all about this and the mice manage to get back the wand but Cinderella was captured by the Palace guard and exiled from the kingdom. She managed to touch the Prince’s hand and after that, he awakes from the magic spell and the mice explain everything to him and rescue Cinderella. He then came to his senses that Cinderella was and is the only one he truly loves so he proposed to her again.

Anastasia reconciles with Cinderella as she was not convinced in the first place to marry the Prince because she is already in love with the baker since Cinderella part 2. So fairy godmother was removed from the spell and turned back to live. She then thought of restoring everything back to normal again, but after seeing the love of Cinderella and the Prince and the changes in Anastasia’s love life she leaves it at that. As for Drizella and her mother, they were put in Cinderella’s rag, much to their horror as they both deserved it. 


Disney Princesses
Photo(c): Walt Disney Pictures

Aurora is the female protagonist in Sleeping Beauty (1959) a Walt Disney animated film. She is also the 3rd of the Disney Princesses and the daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah. At the christening, the princess was betrothed to Prince Phillip who was King Hubert’s son so as to reunite their kingdom. The three fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather were also invited and each has given the blessing to the princess with beauty and song but just after that, the fourth fairy who was the evil fairy, Maleficent arrived at the palace with anger for not being invited.

So she cursed Aurora that on her sixteenth birthday before sunset she will prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and die. Then after she left Merryweather cast another spell on the princess so she will fall asleep instead of dying since the fairy cannot cast away the evil fairy’s spell.

The three fairies took Aurora to the forest and raised her in their cottage and rename her Brier Rose to live there till she is turns sixteen, on her sixteen birthday she met Prince Phillip in the forest but not knowing who he was as they sang and danced and fell in love with each other so she went back to the cottage to tell the fairies she is in love with a young boy but they told her not to see him again. This made her upset and she began crying. The fairies had no choice but to tell her the truth that she is the princess betrothed to Prince Phillip. They took her back to the palace to celebrate her sixteen birthday.

She was in her room at the palace still upset about the boy she met at that moment and was tempted by the witch to go up to the top of the castle where there was a spindle on a spinning wheel. Aurora pricks her finger on this and she collapsed and fell into a deep sleep. She was then placed in a bed on the highest top of the palace. They soon found out that the boy in the forest was the prince himself and he only can break the spell by a true love’s kiss, but he was captured by Maleficent as the fairies manage to free him and give the prince a sword and a shield.

He then tries to enter the castle but it was covered in thorns all over the walls by maleficent who then teleports in front of the prince as she transforms herself into a gigantic dragon but fails to stop him as she was struck from the heart and put to death by the prince. The prince then went up to the castle and kisses the princess and breaks the spell then the whole kingdom wakes up and everyone is happy to see the couple as they both went on to live happily ever after. 


Ariel Little Mermaid
Photo(c): Walt Disney Pictures

Ariel is the fourth of the Disney Princesses from the Disney movie ‘The Little Mermaid’ (1989). She is the first princess who was born not as a human but as a mermaid daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena ruler of the undersea the Atlantica. She is the seventh and the youngest daughter and she is very adventurous and full of curiosity about the human world as it was forbidden for them to be in contact with this world. But she explores it anyway and collects lots of human objects beneath the sea along with her fish friend Flounder.

Soon after, she fell in love with a human whom she saves from drowning who happens to be Prince Eric. This makes her so eager to go to the human world and she even sacrificed everything to be with him by making a deal with the undersea witch Ursula who turns her into a human with a time limit that after three days the prince has to give her a true love’s kiss or she will forever belong to Ursula.

The witch had her own plans for stealing the magical trident from King Triton. After Ariel was transformed she was unable to breathe or swim so her friends Sebastian and Flounder took her to the land and prince Eric took her to the castle where she was about to get the kiss. Ursula prevents it from happening and disguises herself as ‘Venessa’ a human form using Ariel’s voice to trick Eric into marrying her.

Having known from Scuttle that Venessa was Ursula, Ariel was able to stop the wedding and finally she obtained that kiss from Eric and transformed herself back into a mermaid. Ariel was taken back to the sea by Ursula where king Triton traded himself to Ursula to save Ariel but Ursula was able to take the trident from the king. Ariel could not let that happen so they fight against Ursula and finally, she was defeated and killed by King Triton and so all was restored back to normal but as for Ariel she marries the Prince and lives with him in the human land and together got a baby girl named, Melody.

The second sequel ‘Return to the sea’ was about Melody, Ariel and Eric’s daughter. Morgana who was Ursula’s sister threatened to kill Melody and feed her to the sharks but Ariel and her father Triton built a wall to separate the castle from the sea in order to protect Melody from Morgana who wants to avenge her sister Ursula.

But later after twelve years Melody being unaware of her mother’s heritage as a mermaid found a locket with her name written on it but Ariel in fear kept it from her and told her not to go to the sea as it is forbidden but in anger, Melody stole a boat and sailed to the sea where she met undertow Morgana’s minion. Undertow told her everything she needs to know but tricks her into stealing the trident claiming that it belongs to Morgana. Ariel searched the whole sea for Melody.

Right before she was about to hand over the trident to Morgana, Ariel stops her but in anger, Melody did not listen to her mother and Morgana traps melody in a cave and kept her in ice walls. Morgana’s spell on Melody wore off and transformed her back into a human and nearly drowns her but Tip and Dash manage to rescue her and brought her back to the shore. Ariel then fought with Morgana and managed to defeat her and trap her inside an ice cube that sank to the bottom of the ocean. Melody was reuniting with her family and decided to break down the wall between the humans and the merpeople as they lived together in peace.

In ‘Ariel’s beginning’ the third sequel of The Little Mermaid was about Ariel finding out about music which was forbidden in the Kingdom by her father because he was still grieving for his late wife Athena Ariel’s mother who was fond of music. Ariel finds out about a music box and started to sing and she was happy. She and Sabastian the crab were singing and dancing in a secret club without the king’s knowledge and Ariel and her sisters joined the club and were singing along with them but soon were caught by Marina who eagerly wanted Sabastian’position.

She complained to the king about the club being a band and Sabastian was imprisoned for breaking the law and Marina obtain the position that she had wanted for a long time. Ariel went to free Sabastian and the others but Marina wanted to stop them and tried to kill Sabastian, instead, Ariel blocked her way and got hit in the process and was killed and the king saw everything and regretted banning music in the kingdom so he sang Athena’s song which wakes Ariel up who lives and Marina was captured and arrested for the crime she committed and once more Sabastian got back his position as Atlantica’s first official court composer. And therefore music was restored back to the kingdom through Ariel.  


Beauty and the Beast Belle
Photo(c): Walt Disney Pictures

The fifth of the Disney Princesses from the animated Disney movie ‘Beauty and the Beast 1991’ is Belle. She became a princess consort by marrying prince Regnant. Here the “beast” was the prince who was turned into one by an enchantress because of arrogance, anger, selfishness, rudeness and having an unkind heart towards others, whereas his servants were turned into household objects. He was told by the enchantress that gave him a rose that if he does not learn to love others and to be loved back in return before the last petal of the rose falls he will remain a beast forever.

Belle was a simple country girl with a joyful heart who loved to sing and dance. When Maurice her father was lost in the forest, he went and got shelter in the beast’s castle and instead was imprisoned for trespassing. So, Belle ventured out in search of her father in the woods and finds him. She pleaded with the beast to exchange Maurice and take her instead and so the Beast agrees.

Maurice seeks help from the townsfolk to save Belle but Gaston the man who wants to marry Belle told the villagers that Maurice was insane so he can have Belle. But Maurice went out on his own to rescue Belle.

Belle befriends the household objects Lumière the Candelabra, Cogsworth the clock, Mrs Potts the teapot, and her son Chip, the teacup. At the first dance that she had with the Beast, she fell in love with him.

He gives her a mirror so she could see her father but she found out that he has collapsed in the forest. The Beast then allows her to rescue her father but she and her father were captured by Gaston who locked them in the basement. Gaston charges to the castle to kill the Beast who was too depressed that Belle had gone to even fight back. Belle and her father escaped from the basement and rushed to the castle. The beast who then sees her begins to fight back and defends his castle but out of pity, he did not kill Gaston.

Gaston then attacks him and stabs him with a knife as he falls to his death in Belle’s arms. As Belle’s tears fell on the Beast, the spell was broken and everything turned back to normal and the beast turned back to human form and was alive. Then afterwards they celebrated in the castle and danced happily.

The second sequel ‘The Enchanted Christmas 1997’, was about Belle being disliked by Forte the prince’s court composer who dislikes being a human and wanted to remain a pipe organ so he tried to sabotage the relationship between Belle and the prince. He tried tricking the Beast by sending Belle into the forest to cut down a Christmas tree. Because of the fact that she left the Beast, the Beast was inraged, he storms out into the forest and found Belle almost drowning in ice-cold water. He rescues her and puts her in the dungeon. The Beast was manipulated by Forte telling the Beast to destroy the rose from the enchantress but found a storybook left by Belle for him to read which changes his mind.

Fife, however, was feeling guilty about everything because he was with Forte in this scheme of his so confronted Forte. But, he tried to kill both Belle and the Beast. The Beast smashed Forte’s keyboard and Forte pushed himself from the wall and crashed on the floor and was destroyed. Belle comforted the Beast who lost a loyal friend. In the third sequel of ‘The Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World 1998’, there are no enemies that are against Belle but is just about the Beast who misunderstands Belle. 


Aladdin Jasmine
Photo(c): Walt Disney Pictures

Jasmine is the sixth of the Disney Princesses in the animated Disney movie ‘Alladin 1992’, Being one of the Disney Princesses, she is naturally adventurous and free-spirited, but she is always locked within the castle and was forbidden to leave. She is always longing to see the world and how it is. When the Sultan arranged for her marriage to one of the princes, she declined them and snuck out from the castle in disguise where she lands up in trouble with the merchants in the market but in time Alladin saved her and that’s how they met each other.

In this movie, there is not much about Jasmine’s enemies since it has almost nothing to do with Alladin and their relationship with Jasmine and Genie. However, Jafar being a royal vizier wanted to take over the place of the Sultan and rule Agrabah so he hypnotized the Sultan using his staff in order to get him to convince Jasmine to marry him and be his queen but Jasmine knew about his plan to take over Agrabah.

Because of her anger toward her father about his conversation with Jafar, she left and escaped from the castle with Alladin.

Meanwhile, Alladin wanted to impress Jasmine and made a wish to Genie to be a prince himself but later he was found out by Jafar that he was just a thief trying to win Jasmine’s heart. Jafar nearly killed Alladin but he was saved by Genie using up his second wish. Genie’s lamp was then stolen by Jafar’s pet parrot named Iago and he took control of Genie and uses two wishes to become Sultan himself and the most powerful sorcerer.

Jasmine, however, forgave Alladin for lying to her as she knew all along anyway who Aladdin was so she decided to help Alladin in stealing back the lamp by seducing Jafar and went far enough to have even kissed Jafar in order to trick him. Jafar then spotted Alladin’s reflection in Jasmine’s crown and in anger Jafar trapped Jasmine in an hourglass and turn himself into a giant snake.

Alladin was able to trick Jafar which made him use his last wish to make himself the most powerful Genie and so he did and was trapped inside the new lamp along with his pet Lago. The original Genie threw the lamp into the desert and was able to save Sultan and the whole of Agrabah from the evil Jafar. And Sultan after seeing his courage and kindness allows Jasmine to marry a peddler like Aladdin and changes the rule of marriage so they ride off on the flying carpet sharing kisses.  

As I have mentioned above that there are twelve official Disney Princesses, So far over here in this article, you have seen the first six princesses and the other remaining six princesses will continue in the next coming article so stay tuned.  

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