Deep Insanity TV Anime, game and manga revealed

Deep Insanity -A new media mix project that will span a game, an anime series, and a manga was announced today by Square Enix. The television anime called Deep Insanity: The Lost Child will premiere this October.

You can watch the trailer below.

The story is set in a world overrun with the mysterious “Randolph syndrome”. The syndrome causes sudden comas. At the same time, a massive underground realm called “Asylym” was discovered at the South Pole as the syndrome’s origin. Weird creatures, unlike any on the surface, dwell there with previously unknown natural resources. People go to the Asylum to find a cure for the Randolph syndrome and also to get rich plundering the creatures’ genetic data and underground resources


The manga centers on Sergiu Sol, a boy with a special resistance to the disease, and Antarctica’s jack-of-all-trades Hildegard Olympiada Yamada, who decide to take on the challenge of heading to the Asylum, when all others before them have never returned.

The story concepts are drafted by writers Norimitsu Kaihō and Makoto Fukami. Artist Etorouji Shiono launched the Deep Insanity manga in the February 2020 issue of Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan magazine. The manga now goes by the full title Deep Insanity: Nirvana.

You can watch the manga promo vid down below-

The game will be a JRPG titled “Deep Insanity Asylum” and will be for iOS, Android, and PC via Steam. Pre-registration has already started and a beta session will launch on July 2.

The release window is September 2021. And the trailer is down below-

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©Etorouji Shiono/Square Enix

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