CSGO vs Valorant – A Brief Comparison

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Ever since Valorant released, players and professionals have been switching from CSGO to the new game in droves. This article is about comparing between the two games like a CSGO vs Valorant type of talk.The community once labeled the game as the CSGO killer, which didn’t quite turn to be true. Counter Strike is a game that has years of legacy behind it and a good chunk of hardcore fans that will stay loyal, some of whom have been playing for over a decade.

Comparison between the two is based on:

We can see how teams still thrive as an organization, even throughout all this. Orgs like Astralis are still going strong with their team. Speaking of Astralis, if you want to know what equipments they’re using and their settings, you can check out at Astralis CSGO settings.

And do you know how 5G will change the way you play games forever? You can understand it by reading my write-up on How 5G will change Gaming Forever.

Valorant is still making players move, not only from CSGO but other FPS(First Person Shooter) games as well. Apart from the gameplay, here’s a comparison between CSGO and Valorant and a look at what each game and its developers get right.

New Updates

Valorant pushes out frequent updates, which are scheduled every two weeks to patch smaller issues, with a big update at the start of every Episode with each episode having three Acts (ranked seasons). They have been holding on to this schedule for more than a year now. CSGO updates are comparatively smaller and less frequent. Even though Valorant being a new game has more things to fix, the updates also include significant changes to the game sometimes, which players appreciate.

CSGO vs Valorant article

Community Content

CSGO has a huge modding community and amazing fan made content. Custom made maps, surfing, retake servers are a part of what makes the game popular with the casual community. The ability to create your own maps and mods makes sure everyone has something they enjoy doing. On the other hand, Valorant doesn’t have any support for community maps and, according to the developer, won’t support them for several years to come.

The additional community content gives CSGO players multiple ways to enjoy the game apart from the basic gameplay and modes.


CSGO has a huge professional scene, with a lot of opportunities for players to showcase their skills. The game starting from CS 1.6, has had 20 years to develop their esports scene. Multiple organisations conduct competitions and seasons across the world with Europe being the biggest hub of the game’s procommunity, with the most opportunities.

Valorant on the other side has conducted only 1 big professional event as of now, which was held in Iceland. Being a new game, they have no tournaments that come close to the likes of ESEA CSGO competitions, at-least not yet. Valorant has a lot more small cups, which make it a little interesting for newer teams and good regional players.


There’s a vast difference in the way the developers of both games, Valve and Riot Games, communicate with players. Valve is very silent on twitter and shrouds their moves in mystery, while Riot is very active on multiple platforms and communicates openly.

Valorant Game Directors Joe Ziegler and Anna Donlon have been very vocal on Twitter. Not only when things go according to plan, but especially when they don’t, like when they rolled back a patch once. Players really like and appreciate the developers being open to them about their work.

The Weapon Skins

Although both the games have beautiful weapon skins, how the player can acquire them varies a lot. In CSGO, the player can freely get them in the steam marketplace, where the prices are determined by the community. The skin prices in CSGO vary from $1 up to tens of thousands.

Skins in Valorant are only unlocked by buying them directly from the Valorant Store. Prices are set, and non-negotiable. Riot Games have faced a lot of negativity regarding their price point of skins with some costing around $100. Another thing is the availability of skins where Valorant skins rotate in and out, creating a sense of urgency when they do become available, making somewhat of a forced scarcity. The entire skins system is better in CSGO vs Valorant.

Both CSGO and Valorant have positives and negatives and the comparison can go on and on. They are backed by big developers and have fan-bases amounting to millions of players. In the end, it all comes down to personal choices and which concept the gamer likes better.

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