CSGO- Hackers using FACEIT following changes in Prime account rules

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Valve rolled out massive changes for the CSGO match-making system recently. The new rules saw ranked matches being made available only on paid, prime accounts. The action targeted the constantly growing number of hackers who were ruining the game.

Hackers are however constantly trying to by-pass the rules. Users playing through third party software like FACEIT are reporting a huge surge in the number of cheaters encountered while playing, meaning hackers are moving to these services after ranked matches were restricted to paid accounts only.

FACEIT and other third party software do not restrict their match-making system to only prime members. This means that any non prime CSGO player will be able to use the offered features as well. They also offer a similar ranked system to the official one which some players can’t enjoy anymore.

Although FACEIT’s anti-cheat is considered to be superior to the official VAC, its clearly struggling to keep up with the huge influx of cheaters at the moment. Some expert hackers also test their new methods using free to play accounts before they push the cheats into Prime level, making it even harder for normal players.

The cheating problem is turning out to be a major issue for FACEIT. However, we can expect the situation to get better over some time. They might also implement new stricter filters to identify potential cheaters.

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