CSGO- 2 Akuma players Apparently Leave Team Amidst the CIS RMR Event

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The CSGO professional team Akuma, who were previously caught up in a cheating controversy at the EPIC CIS League Spring 2021, are in the middle of yet another major problem. Two players from it’s current lineup have apparently left the team right in the middle of the on-going CIS RMR 2021.

Although Akuma hasn’t made any official announcement so far, the players have removed the team’s name from their individual social media handles. Evgeniyy ‘j3kie’ Sergachev announced that he is looking for a new team on VK.com, which is a popular regional social networking site. Meanwhile, Dmitriy ‘SENSEi’ Shvorak removed the team name Akuma from his about sections on multiple sites.

Team Akuma- Cheating Allegations

The team rose to prominence after they pulled off amazing, underdog victories against teams like NaVi and Virtus.Pro at the EPIC CIS League Spring 2021, surprising everybody. Spectators and experts of the game soon found the conduct of Akuma players suspicious upon closer investigation. Natus Vincere accused them of not playing fairly and other teams followed suit, writing an open letter to Valve.

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This lead to a professional investigation being carried out by the Russian Federation of Computer Sports which found the players not guilty of being involved in any foul play. The statement didn’t satisfy the teams and the community members which lead to them demanding a proper investigation by a competent authority like ESIC.

The Esports Integrity Commision later launched a partial investigation into the matter and found substantial evidence of betting fraud and match-fixing being committed.

With the two players leaving at a crucial stage and no official statement being released, it remains to be seen how the organizers will handle the situation. The Ukrainian CSGO team still has one more match to play against Nemiga which will be part of the group stages.


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