CSGO- 5 Simple Tips to Improve your Skill

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>> To be a good CSGO player requires you to have amazing skill backed up by hours of practice.

>> Without going into deeper factors, here are 5 basic tips that’ll improve your stats and make you a better player.

Although the basic game-play of CS-GO looks simple and like that of any other FPS, to be a good player requires you to have extra-ordinary skill and hours of practice. There are many factors which make a good player.

Especially helpful for beginners, here are 5 basic tips that’ll make you better at CSGO.

5- Sounds and Communication

Sound is one of the most important parts of the game as it gives us a lot of information as to which weapons the enemy is using and the positions they are holding. It also gives away their movements and the direction in which they are headed. This is really helpful in clutch situations.

Having a good headset can help you identify and differentiate between all the sounds.

On the team side, using a good head-set and mic combo, you can relay all information to your teammates. Constant communication is absolutely necessary if you want to win matches. Good planning and co-ordination can give you an edge over the enemy even with inferior skills.


4- Focus on Movement

Movement has always been a neglected part of the game. Beginners often don’t realize it’s importance till they rack up a few hundred hours of game-play. On 1 v 1 situations, movement can be the biggest deciding factor as the experienced player can swerve left and right, dodging a few shots while shooting and killing a more or less steady enemy.

Movement can also be of immense help when you need to rotate quickly, cutting down the time required to reach a specific point quickly. To improve movement skills player can try out surf maps or certain community maps specifically designed for the purpose.

3- Effectively using Nades and Flashes

Flashbangs, when effectively used can be a game changing factor. Most CS-GO maps have a few really useful spots to drop a smoke grenade or flashbang. Often, these spots will require you to bounce the grenade off a wall. With perfect timing a player can detonate it exactly where he wants it.

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2- Learning the Map

There are many silver rank players who instead of focusing on one particular map, play multiple and keep trying out new ones. This should be avoided until you know every nook and cranny of at least the 2 or 3 most popular maps or whichever is the favorite. Remembering all call-outs and line ups on a particular map is very important while communicating.

Dust 2 Map

Having experience with maps gives the added ability to effectively place molly’s and throw grenades around corners. Learning every single corner and minor bugs a certain map has to offer along with practicing certainly gives a natural advantage.

1- Aim and Recoil

There are many factors when it comes to aiming, a lot depends on hand placement and reaction times. On top of that, there are factors like recoil, spray patterns and effective cross-hair positioning.

  • As to shooting style with rifles, a lot depends on the distance. Players should opt for tapping when facing enemies at long or mid range, but at close ranges spraying is the most effective.
  • The spray patterns are different for each and every weapon, so taking up one specific gun and mastering it can help your score and make you a reliable, consistent player.
  • Many good players suggest playing a lot of death-match mode to improve aim. The constant fast paced game-play can hugely improve reaction times and cross-hair placements.

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Featured Image: Taken from Steam.com, AFKgaming.

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