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I recently watched Cowboy Bebop on Netflix which acquired the streaming rights to the original anime, with all 26 episodes. The development of the anime is by the animation studio Sunrise and created by Hajime Yatate, the well-known pseudonym for the collective contributions of Sunrise’s animation staff.

Cowboy Bebop Anime
Cowboy Bebop Anime (c) Sunrise/Hajime Yatate

The Anime is not for young people but for more mature audiences. Not because it contains sexualize content but they will lose the storyline overall amongst younger audiences. It is mostly a serious anime and has very little humour overall, but they really blend it all together well. But even so, it will appeal to most audiences that are newly introduced to anime. But it has the great writing that will hook any veteran otaku into loving it.

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The characters in CBA:

The Characters/ The Setting: Set in 2071, the Anime focuses around four main characters:

  1. Jet Black, a once former police officer turn bounty hunter who is the oldest and most muscular person with skills in mechanics and someone who holds down the fort.
  2. Spike Speigel, a cool space cowboy with fighting skills and an act now and think later kinda guy. Which is quite typical of older animation hero type character.
  3. Faye Valentine, the lone woman of the crew. She has a mysterious past, is Lazy, free, not a care in the world attitude. But over the course of the anime, her character develops deep ties her to the crew.
  4. Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (Ed), a child hacker from earth which is the only innocent thing about the show. But the hacking skills are truly outta this world.
  5. Also accompanying the group is Ein, a Welsh Corgi who is quite an intelligent dog.
Cowboy Bebop Anime Characters
Cowboy Bebop Anime (c) Sunrise/Hajime Yatate

Storyline of Cowboy Bebop Anime:

In each session (or episodes), these characters set out to find different bounties. Which they usually find through the tv show and that is where the adventures are. Each of the characters is pretty well thought of and they will be characters that people can easily enjoy.

Cowboy Bebop as said based in 2071, shows humanity exploring the space age. In this age, travelling and using the space as one would the highways on earth. They do it so realistically that one forgets the setup is space travel and inter-world travels.

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As the anime is from the 1998, space exploration is very common and popular. We can see a lot of animation going down this route. Space, Cowboys, robots and Adventure into the Unknown can attract even the most novice of audiences. However, Cowboy Bebop stayed away from all that fantasy and gave us a very realistic approach to space. The decision to deliver a future that closely reflects that of our own time did wonders. Especially to relate to the viewer and this familiarity captivates us the viewers even more.

Cowboy Bebop Anime
Cowboy Bebop Anime (c) Sunrise/Hajime Yatate

We see these within the anime just because of its realism factor. Also, the dealing of real people with genuine relationships going through the motions within the anime. Genuine issues and actual problems, as one could imagine happening in a space adventure type of lifestyle. These connections, made revealed through the character development and the progress of the anime, are what can draw the audience like myself into the anime. There are many scenes in the anime where a lot of human emotions are poured into it. We can see the brilliance of the anime through such symbolism within the storyline and characters that brilliantly portray them.

The Art in Cowboy Bebop Anime:

For an anime that is from the 1998, the art is actually quite impressive. The design, the cinematography, the details looked fantastic and leaves very little to criticise about. As expected of the Art form of the time however, there was a lot of shadowing used to highlight character movements or set the scene, but it was done well. The Art style is quite clean and depicts a very natural blend of realism and comics feel to it. But since the anime is not targeted at young audiences, it got the chance to highlight a good deal of dark storyline. All whilst keeping in line with the many symbolism of the anime, the art just worked masterfully.

Cowboy Bebop Anime (c) Sunrise/Hajime Yatate

The Music in Cowboy Bebop Anime:

I was personally quite impressed with the music that accompanied the anime. From Jazzy tunes, to blues to western as well as Indian classical, the anime had it all. And not just in a “press insert button” kinda way, but quite well timed to match the story progression and the mood of the scenes as well.

Overall Cowboy Bebop Anime:

Cowboy bebop is one of the finer anime series I had watched. It may not attract a lot of the new audience as there are no gilts and glamour of the newer anime series, but for me, I really enjoyed it. Cowboy Bebop had solid characters, it had solid stories; the music was wonderful and best of all is when I watched it; it was realistic that I had forgotten it was an anime. It’s as if I was watching a live action-adventure space drama series that had had me hooked into waiting for an episode every week on Television (yes… in 1998 that is how dedicated we were). But of course watching it on netflix means we can just binge-watch the whole damn thing.

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I do recommend watching it. It has a lot of symbolism and mature plots and it will also serve as a break from all that gawking at Lolicon art on your screen.

Hot Faye Valentine
Cowboy Bebop Anime (c) Sunrise/Hajime Yatate
real art

Note: This counsellor in shillong does not deal with lolita complex issues.

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