Which countries have the most skilled CS-GO player-base?


If you ever wondered how many CS-GO players your country has compared to all the other countries. leetify has conducted a study to find that out exactly.

Here’s a map shared by leetify on twitter showing the top CS-GO playing countries, along with the percentage they form among the total number of players.

Looking at the map, we can see that Russia boasts of the highest percentage of CS-GO players with roughly 11.65% of the player base. They are followed by the USA which constitutes 10.66% of the total players. The 20 countries shown in the above map consists of nearly 70% of the total CS-GO players with over 7 million players match making players surveyed.

Seeing Russia on top doesn’t come off as a surprise at all. With the huge popularity of the game in the country, no wonder one of their expletives became hugely popular among gamers from across the world. Then, there are also countless game-play videos of Russian players who get queued with foreigners in match-making and struggle at communicating with teammates or do funny things in general.

Countries with the best CS-GO players

Based on the 7 million match-making players previously analysed, leetify has also come out with the total number of global elites in each country. The stats in their post show the number of global elites per 1 million citizen of the countries.

The analysis gives us a pretty clear picture as to which countries have the highest skilled casual player-base. Scandinavian countries, which have long been known for producing the most number of professionals came out on top in the casual player-base as well. However, it’s a little surprising to see Finland come out on top instead of Denmark, considering the fact that among the three Denmark dominates the E-sports scene.

The stats also show the state of North-American CS-GO. Apart from the declining competitive scene, the casual scene doesn’t seem to be doing good either with only 51-150 elites per million people in both countries.

Overall, the data shared by leetify gives us a rough picture of the CS-GO player-base around the world. It affirms the view that Europe is the hub of the game and will remain so. With countries having a strong casual player base, it’s no wonder some of the best teams and players come out from Europe.

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Sources: AFKgaming, talkesport, leetify/Twitter.

Featured image: Steam

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