Bungou Stray Dogs Characters Strongest Ability.

Bungou Stray Dogs Characters

Bungou Stray Dogs in one of popular anime of all time. And the Bungou Stray Dogs Characters are even more quirky and interesting. The anime itself got many awards for character designs, picture award and several others. It is mainly about people having different abilities belonging to different organizations like The Port Mafia, The Armed Detective Agency, The Guild and so on. Some would fight against each other just to show their power and some would use it to save and protect the citizens and there those who wants to destroy everything and take over the city just to bring fear into other people’s lives.

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bungou stray dogs characters
bungou stray dogs characters (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Let us see the unique abilities and which of these are strong and who have the strongest ability. Will it be the MC Atsushi? or Chuya? let’s find out.

Sakunosuke Oda:

Ability: Flawless.

bungou stray dogs characters
bungou stray dogs characters (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Oda was a member of the Port Mafia, the gang members who overlooks the night. Being with the most dangerous group, Oda is a kindhearted man who would help anyone in need. He loves to read and really cares about the children. He even gathered orphans and raised them, providing food and shelter. As a mafia member, this was an odd behaviour. His ability is similar to Andre Gide where he could predict the future but only for 5 to 6 second. Both Gide’s and Oda’s ability have a disadvantage, even though they can see in to the future be it a short time, their opponents use this ability as bait to trap them. Even if they could escape, it would be either too late or a slight dodge.

Kenji Miyazawa:

Ability: Undefeated by the Rain.

bungou stray dogs characters
bungou stray dogs characters (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Kenji is a member of the Armed Detectives Agency. He is a very sweet young boy full of energy and is always optimistic. He never fails to impress anyone, while always wearing a sweet smile on his face. Judging from his sweet and adorable appearance, one could never imagine his ability being super strength known as ‘Undefeated by the Rain’. Kenji can lift any heavy object including a car or a tank with ease. He can take any hit from an enemy without sustaining any injury. However, his ability has a weakness, he can only use his superhuman strength in an empty stomach. This is because whenever he eats, he tends to fall asleep quickly. Although we all know that we need food and rest to gain strength so we can say it is the same for our sweet Kenji.

Doppo Kunikida:

Ability: The Matchless Poet.

bungou stray dogs characters
bungou stray dogs characters (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Kunikida is a member of the Armed Detective Agency. He is the only member who maintains professionalism and is very keen on his work. He is strict, maintains his work in an orderly schedule and can handle any work pressure. Kunikida’s fellow members rely on him a lot, as he is the more mature one of them all. He is loyal and trustworthy as well and he is also next in line to the president of the agency.

Kunikida’s ability, ‘The Matchless Poet’ may not be the strongest, but he can still keep up his game in a fight. His ability relies on his hand notebook, which he always carries around. His ability allows him to create any objects, but its size is of the handbook.

Atsushi Nakajima:

Ability: Beast Beneath the Moonlight.

bungou stray dogs characters
bungou stray dogs characters (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Atsushi, an orphan, roams around town when he left the orphanage where he stumbled upon Dazai, who was flowing in the stream. After their short meeting and Atsushi’s stories about the white tiger chasing him everywhere he goes, Dazai realises he possesses the ability of the white tiger or better known as Beast Beneath the Moonlight. Atsushi is very new to this since he knew nothing before meeting Dazai and Kunikida.

Beast Beneath the Moonlight is a powerful ability, but because of Atsushi’s weak state, he cannot fight at its full power. He often needs support from teammates. When he fought alongside Ryounosuke from Port Mafia, we could see both of their full potential in a fight. Atsushi’s ability allows him to either fully transform into a tiger or he can transform partially. He can also heal, regenerate, as well as heighten his senses. He is a rookie, but he can definitely handle close combat all on his own.

Akutagawa Ryounosuke:

Ability: Rashomon.

bungou stray dogs characters
bungou stray dogs characters (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Ryounosuke is a member of the Port Mafia also one of the Executive and his behaviour can be quite rude. This is because he believes in his principles that only the strong should be on top and the weak shall submit to them. Ryounosuke is one of the strongest executives in the Port Mafia where he was Dazai’s apprentice until Dazai left the Port Mafia, joining the Agency and became his enemy. Ryounosuke seeks Dazai’s recognition, thus making him a determined fighter. He possesses a powerful ability Rashomon, a shadow like creature which lies in his long coat. He can summon at will and can transform into any shape and size.

Rashomon can consume anything and create an invisible barricade, blocking all attacks. His ability has multiple transformation like turning into jaws to catch enemies or a cage like figure to hold someone as prisoner. He can even produce spike like figures from the ground to trap and attack. He can even turn it into an armour and guard himself with it or used it in close combat fighting. To sum it up, he can do almost anything with his ability.

Kyoka Izumi:

Ability: Demon Snow.

bungou stray dogs characters (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Kyoka was the youngest and newest member of the Agency. She was a former Port Mafia before she joined the agency. She was an ex-assassin and never hesitates to kill as she takes her role seriously. After joining the Agency, she tried her best to change and live a normal life. She was then taught not to kill in any situation, since the purpose of the agency is to protect. She is very skilful with swords and knives and quite good at combat. Her ability, Demon Snow, is a sword wielding phantom in a female form. She gained the ability through transfer from her mother before she died, Kyouka controls her through her cell phone. With the help of Fukuzawa, she could control her ability normally. Kyoka is a skilful fighter where, even without her ability, she can go up against enemies.

Ozaki Kyoyo:

Ability: Golden Demon.

bungou stray dogs characters
bungou stray dogs characters (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Kyoyo is an executive member of the Port Mafia. She has an elegant feature and appearance, but her looks and behaviour are totally different. She loves to sit back and relax with her friends having leisure time. Though in battle she can ruthless to any opponent except for Kyoka’s friends. Kyoyo’s ability is similar to Kyoka’s but she can control it at her own will and is stronger than Kyoka’s as she has more experience than the child.

Kyusaku Yumeno:

Ability: Dogra Magra.

bungou stray dogs characters
Kyusaku Yumeno (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Kyu aka Q is a member of the Port Mafia, one of the unique members of the group. Q is just a kid, yet with a very dangerous ability known as Dogra Magra. This ability is a mind controlling curse and, once affected, it can cause the target to hallucinate. However, this ability works when a person somehow hurts him in any way, it is triggered by the doll which he is always holding on to. It is quite dangerous when this ability falls in to the wrong hands like when he was kidnapped by The Guild. They misused his power by combining with one of the guild members. Once his ability is activated, it cannot be stopped and Dazai is the only one who can put a stop to it.

Yukichi Fukuzawa:

Ability: All Men Are Equal.

bungou stray dogs characters
Yukichi Fukuzawa (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Fukuzawa is the President of The Armed Detective Agency. He is gentle, calm, yet strict and serious. He does not take his role lightly and all member fears and respects him. Fukuzawa is a skilled fighter, as they trained him since he was young. His ability is not as strong as the others as compared in combat, but it is rather useful. His ability All Men Are Equal can alter other abilities, but only those who are members of the agency. He can help them maintain order and get a hold of their abilities, like he helped Atsushi and Kyoka to control their own abilities.

Ogai Mori:

Ability: Vita Sexualis.

bungou stray dogs characters
Ogai Mori (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Mori is the Port Mafia Boss or Head. Like Yasano, he is also a doctor, but he used to work in the underground. Mori is often looks like a normal person with good behaviour but underneath his mask he is a ruthless and sadistic man. He is obsessed with little girls, which is awfully related to his ability Vita Sexualis. An ability which allows him to conjure the image of a little girl, which he calls her Elise.

He is very fond of her where she fights in Mori’s place and will defend him at any cause. She is strong but her weakness lies on Mori’s strength. If he is exhausted, he cannot summon her or it will take alot of time. Elise is quick to attack, and her weapon is in the form of a medical syringe. Elise is somehow immortal where, even if enemies cut her out, she can be re-summoned.

Lucy Maud Montgomery:

Ability: Anne of Abyssal Red.

Lucy Maud Montgomery (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Lucy is a former member of the Guild. She appears to be a rude girl with a twisted personality. She even has one of the dangerous ability known as Anne of Abyssal Red. Her ability allows her to create a dimensional room also known as Anne’s Room, where she can trap her opponents inside with only one way out The Exit door. In this dimension, there lies a prison room where she can trap all her prisoners. She also has a huge doll-like creature name Anne who captures all Lucy’s enemies and keeps watch if they try to exit.

Interesting fact about this room is that those who were captured and locked inside can lose all their memories after exiting the room. But only memories of what is in the room though, it does not affect their daily life. When trapped in the Prison room, the prisoner is unconscious and is quite difficult to get out in that kind of state. When locked inside this prison, it must be open with a special key, which is extremely difficult to use that even Lucy herself is not sure what to do. So be careful, do not get caught by her.

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald:

Ability: The Great Fitzgerald.

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Francis is the leader of the Guild organisation. He is an arrogant man filled with pride and boasting about his wealth and good fortune. Although he’s an annoying and arrogant person, he still cares for his subordinates’ safety and whereabouts. He is also a family man; he loves his own family and would do anything for the betterment of his relationship. Francis somehow possesses a rather weird ability. Though it may seem useless at first, it can be useful or even powerful. His ability is known as The Great Fitzgerald which is based on monetary power.

Basically, the more money he has, the more power he can use. His ability allows him to use whatever money he has to enhance his strength, speed, as well as endurance. He can be a tough opponent who is hard to deal with. Since Francis is rich, he can boost his power to maximum level exceeding human capacity. But this somehow ended when fought the most unpredictable duo Atsushi and Ryounosuke. He had to use up all he have to win against them, sadly that seemed to be the case as the two were stronger than him when they combine their power.

So, this ability is not as awesome as to some, as we measure it according to a person’s wealth. Then, we can say if you are insanely wealthy, you can be the strongest person. But if you are poor, then it is completely useless.

Akiko Yasano:

Ability: Thou Shall Not Die.

Akiko Yasano (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Asano is a member of the Armed Detective Agency and also their personal physician. Her ability is very impressive, as it can make her immortal. She can heal people and herself even in a brink of death. Yasano is a strong woman who is feared even by her agency’s members. She can be very scary and sadistic, especially when she is performing her ability. Her rare ability Thou Shall Not Die is useful and effective for her members as well. While activating it, a butterfly would appear and when she touches the wound, it would quickly close up and heal completely with no sign of treatment. Her ability covers up all wound and makes the victim look as good as new.

Fyodor Dostoevsky:

Ability: Crime and Punishment.

Fyodor Dostoevsky (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Fyodor is a leader of Rats in the House of the Dead. He possessed the ability Crime and Punishment, which makes him think he is most powerful, superior and is always in the right. He believes that he has the right to punish those who do evil, making it his duty to exact justice. His ability is dangerous, as he can kill anyone with just one touch. It’s so deadly as it does not require skin to skin contact. However, this ability this does not apply to touch oneself. We can safely assume that it is the most powerful ability, but don’t forget it can still be nullified by Dazai’s unique ability. His other disadvantage is that he cannot activate it or harm someone without touching them.

Chuya Nakahara:

Ability: Upon the Tainted Sorrow.

Chuya Nakahara (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Chuya is a Port Mafia Executive, he is a short young man which is often being teased by Dazai. He often loses his temper easily and is quite an arrogant and blunt fellow. Chuya is an exceptional member of the Mafia and also we can say he is one of the strongest member. He takes pride when fighting, as he knows he is powerful and excellent in martial combats. He often fights by using his legs than hands. His confidence in his physical strength excels others. He would only use his fists if he is absolutely certain that he has to defend from an attacker. Chuya’s biggest advantage is his ability to control gravity. He is already the powerful mafia and with his ability he is even more scary and strong.

His ability allows him to control opponents’ gravity when they come in contact with him. He can manipulate anything within his reach. Chuya can easily take on a tank single-handed. His ability allows him to increase his speed, strength, and endurance. He hardly struggles in a fight, since he is very powerful. But when he was pushed against the wall, he would unleash his ultimate attack called Corruption which he usually referred it at his True Form. When Corruption is activated, Chuya lost all his normal conscience as his ability takes over him and is focusing only on destroying everything. Corruption is his most powerful ability, yet very dangerous. The only way to stop it is either he lose his life or Dazai have to nullify it for him. Chuya can safely only use corruption when Dazai is fighting by his side.

Osamu Dazai:

Ability: No Longer Human.

Osamu Dazai (c) Sango Harukawa/BSD Production Committee

Dazai is a former Port Mafia Executive also one of the youngest Executive. After he left the Port Mafia, Dazai joined the Armed Detective Agency. During his time in the Mafia, Dazai’s sadistic nature is often seen while he encountered his enemies or when he was training Ryounosuke. He had a very dark nature and was often told that he was born to be in the Mafia. Dazai is an excellent strategist and tactician which covers up his lack of physical strength. Upon joining the Agency, he became a laid back young man, which Kunikida called him lazy.

He never shows his dark side rather, he appeared comical to his fellow Agency members. Dazai possessed a unique ability called No Longer Human. His ability can nullify all other abilities. Yes, Dazai is not as strong as Chuya when it comes to power and strength. In a hand to hand combat Chuya would obviously win against Dazai.

The reason Dazai’s ability is placed as the strongest is because no other ability would work on him. He fights with confidence since he fully knows that no other ability can harm him. And being the master tactician, he can always come up with ways to stop his enemies. So there we have it. Dazai is by far the one with the best and safe to say strongest ability.

So there you go guys, those are our list of the strongest abilities along with the people who have them. What do you think? Do you think we missed someone? Think you can defeat them? Let us know in the comments below.

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