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Best Webtoons

The best webtoons novel app has many amazing novels in Webtoon. Be it Action, Thriller, Romance, Supernatural, you name it, you can find it all in one app. Here are a few selected recommendations that I hope you like.

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Top Ten Best Webtoons:

10. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. (Number 10 on the list of Best Webtoons)

Top ten Best Webtoons
Photo (c) Maenggi Ki

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life.

What really matters in your life? Is it a career? Good grades? Loving family? What if it’s something out of the ordinary that most people wouldn’t think off? Well, here Beauty is what most of the characters focus on. Personally, I think it is weird and of course, it is out of the ordinary if you are not obsessed with beauty and looks. But don’t be upset because it still made it to the list of my best webtoons, it is still worth the read.   

Mirae a young University student who has been bullied throughout her life due to her looks is usually uncomfortable around others. During her middle and high school years, she faced so much harassment that she wanted to change completely and did plastic surgery, a complete makeover of her appearance. Will this be what she was hoping for? To become popular or even noticed by others? Mirae tried her best to live a normal life and move on from the past. But will fixing her face solve any of her problems?

In her class she is often called the ‘Gangnam Beauty’, boys would often flock to her, asking her out and this has never happened in her life. It made her anxious and aware of her surroundings. Even though people say she is beautiful, she would not take credit and she would just shy away. She then meets a special person who would look at her differently, a person who would accept her, not for her looks but for her personality and who she really is.

The storyline is quite similar to True Beauty but I would choose My ID Is Gangnam Beauty it is comical and the romance part is pure, original and cute.  

 09. My Gently Raised Beast.

My Gently Raised Beast
Photo (c) Early Flower, Teava

Genre(s): Drama, Romance.

Another entry in my list of best webtoons is My Gently Raised Beast. Imagine falling in love with a mysterious and mythical creature, how would one react or how would you feel? Let’s find out in this amazing and beautiful story.  

Blondina was an orphan girl who was left all alone when her mother died. She did not know of her father, except the stories told by her mother. She was raised and at the same time, she was a helper at a tavern in a small village and was often mistreated by the guardians/owners. When her father appeared and took her in, she was named the Princess of the Ates Empire. This happened because her father is the King which she had recently learnt after meeting him. In the palace, Blondina met her steps siblings and stepmother or The Queen. They despise her due to her mother’s background calling her a peasant who does not have the right to the Princess. She resides on the other side of the palace and always spends her time with Lucy her lady in waiting.

One fine day Blondina rescued a black cat-like creature that happens to speak human language. He kept her company most of the time and she became very fond of him, his name is Amon or also known as The Devine Beast (Great Sun and Ruler of the Forest). They both love sweet cuddles and are inseparable, this affection that they have towards each other grew stronger until they finally realised that they have feelings for one another. But will their relationship change or will their families accept them? Well to know more we have to open our best Webtoons app and find out.

08. Mom, I’m sorry.

Top Ten Best Webtoons
Photo (c): GUGU

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural.

When a mother loves her child she would sacrifice everything to give her child what is needed. And when we receive so much love we would definitely do the same for our mother. This manhwa is about a mother and son relationship. It is a very interesting plot quite different from others; since most manhwa would be about romance or friendships etc. Here we see and feel the love of a mother towards her son and a son who respects and treasures his mother.

 Olivia is a single mother raising her son Henry all on her own. Olivia has struggled a lot, she had to work continuously to provide for her growing son, and she would do anything within her reach to give him a comfortable life. Her income was low but she did her best to give food and shelter to both of them. Henry grew up to be a kind young man who respects his mother and would do anything to keep her safe and healthy as she was in her 50s. When Olivia was caught with a life-threatening disease, Henry was depressed and did not know what to do. That’s when a lifespan dealer appeared before him and offered him the most dangerous yet appealing deal that can save his mother from dying. Henry gave up his lifespan in exchange for his mother’s life.

This deal was kept a secret from his mother. After the deal, his mother suddenly became a 20-year-old young woman, which made her very confused. Henry told his mother to live a happy life and that she needed to fulfil all her dreams in exchange for her son’s safety. They were both happy but little does she know that her son had a few years left to live. How happy can Henry be when his mother is good and healthy? He thought no complications will come their way until his male friends fell in love with his mother. Can Henry protect his mother till his last breath? Or will he gain back his life span?

If you love Mom, I’m Sorry from my list of best webtoons. You should be looking forward to the new series Sarah, I’m Sorry New Galaxy.  

07. Surviving Romance.

Surviving Romance
Photo (c): Lee Yone

Genre: Thriller, Psychological.

How frustrating and annoying it is when life keeps on resetting and starting all over. But this only happens when the main character dies. Nobody is aware of this though. Only Chaerin knows and all those around her can live a repeated life without even noticing it. Strange right? but there is a reason behind it.   

Chaerin is a young student who is quite famous like the MC of a romance novel. At the same time, she is infamous among her female classmates. She often spends time with Jeha the male lead in the novel she lives with at the moment. Most of her classmates would talk bad about her and never wanted to be friends with her. But this does not bother Chaerin one bit since she was used to this treatment, she even considered them as extras, the side characters in the novel. As her perfect romance life was going smooth and good, she was suddenly caught up in something bizarre. Her life became a horror novel instead, she encountered a weird situation at her school. Chaerin was horrified when she found out that students are turning into zombies and attacking each other.

But what shocked her more was when she woke up the next day. She found herself in the same time frame of what had happened before not just one time but many times as she kept counting and noting these occurrences down. Whenever she got killed time automatically rewinded to the start date of the zombie apocalypse. Chaerin’s only way of survival is to approach the unknown extra (classmates), team up with them and fight for survival. Chaerin’s approach toward her classmates was quite difficult as they do not like each other and there was absolutely no trust between them.

Chaerin has to overcome these difficulties by becoming close to her classmates and earning their trust. But will having a good relationship with them solve all problems? During the apocalypse, who will Chaerin side with? Will it be Jeha or her classmates? She would have to overcome all this to be free from this zombie land and return to her normal life.

If you love thriller novels this one is a good catch. It is also one of the best webtoons on this list that you should try reading.

06. Omniscient Reader.

Omniscient Reader
Photo (c): Sleepy-C

Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Psychological.

Number 6 in my list of the best webtoons is Omniscient Reader.

Imagine waking up in a fantasy world, one of the comics you really love to read. Would you be happy, satisfied, or make a run for it while you are trying to survive?

Dokja Kim is a young working man who really loves to read fantasy novels from his younger years till adulthood. He would often be bullied by his peers during his school days. But this does not stop him from reading though. He is quite obsessed with it and it was how he spent his time, even in his free time at work or when he is on his way home he would utilise this time to reading web novels. The novel that he was reading was not as popular as any other novel, Dokja was the only reader who completed it and in gratitude, the Author sends a text document to him.

After receiving the document the novel was taken down, Dokja was surprised and confused at the same time. Little did he know he was about to live a life as per his favourite web novel. Since Dokja was the only one who was aware of the situation he was in he was able to complete the first scenario and met people who were willing to follow him on this weird and mysterious journey.

Dokja, the loner who suddenly became the most important person and the one everyone depend on seeking advice and guidance, somehow even became the main character leading him to live a very different life. All this was new to him, except for the part that he knew the novel thoroughly. His co-worker Songha and two new friends followed him and became a team to fight against any scenario given to them.

Omniscient Reader is an interesting action-adventure novel, kind of like those games where you have to fight for survival facing penalties when you lose and gaining coins or items when you win. Try reading it you will get to know the full storyline and how things will eventually end up.      

05. Maid for Hire. (At the middle of my List of Best Webtoons)

Maid for hire
Photo(c): Erry Juhana

Genre: Romance.

A new series and one of the best Webtoons is Maid for Hire. It is quite refreshing even though there are only a few chapters, we can still see the beauty of the storyline. A hard-working girl named Andrea belongs to a poor family compared to her friends at school, even though she attended a prestigious school meant for rich people.

Andrea is a very studious girl she even entered her school through a scholarship. This is the reason she was able to afford it. She tends to her life as a secret from her classmates and even her best friend. But her little secret was found out by one of her classmates and not just any normal regular classmate. He happens to be Andrea’s worst enemy who she despises the most. She never had any good relationship with him and will fight with him at any given chance and situation. Why and How Did he find out? Well as the Title already mentioned ‘maid’ Andrea was unfortunately hired as a maid by this boy’s grandmother.

Andrea is a strong-willed girl and never backs or shies away from any job, she would do anything to support her family. It hurts her pride at times but she does not give up. She is one of the admired female students, many looked up to her and her friends are always there to support her. But what if they find out that she is not who they thought she was? Are they still going to be friends and put everything aside? We got to read the novel to know more about their interesting relationship.

04. Weak Hero.

Weak Hero
Photo(c): RAZEN

Genre:  Action, Drama, School Life.

A story about a young and petite high school boy attending the worst school ever. A school filled with delinquents and thugs who love nothing more than fighting. This school is known as Eunjang High. When we read this web novel we see many different characters involved. This all leads to one main goal and focuses on the main character Gray Yeon. Gray was an outstanding and brilliant student, he has a calm yet terrifying demeanour. He spends most of his time alone studying, until one fine day he was being picked on by a classmate.

Guess what? Who would have thought that Gray, the small petite boy could take over a bully who was twice the size he is. After the incident, Gray became a hot topic in the school. Most bullies would come after him trying to pick a fight but obviously failed. Gray was an introvert and does not like to hang out with others. After meeting new people in his new school he was surrounded by few new friends and not just any ordinary friends. They were the type who would support him a lot and are always there for each other, they are willing to fight by his side and always back him up, and they look after each other.       

If you love fistfights this is the best story to read. It feels real and natural, and kind of relates to real life as it does not involve characters having any supernatural powers. If you love action I highly recommend this as one of the best webtoons to read.  

03. Eleceed.

Photo(c): ZHENA

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural.

This webtoon is about living in a world where people have special abilities, fighting among themselves to see who is more powerful and who is capable to be the strongest awakeners.

Jiwoo is a high school boy who loves cats. He would feed most of the strays whenever he has the opportunity or on free days he would make special time for them. One day Jiwoo came across an injured cat being a cat lover Jiwoo helped the cat and took him in. To his shocking surprise, the cat was a human and not just any human he was known as the great Kayden in the world of ‘Awakeners’ they are people with special abilities. And guess what Jiwoo himself was also an awakened one. Due to his lack of knowledge and guidance, he never knew this until he met Kayden one of the most powerful awakeners.

 The new journey of Jiwoo as an awakened one begins as soon as his life was always involved with Kayden. He learnt who he really is and Kayden even agreed to help Jiwoo. He has great potential and with more room for improvement, Kayden sees this and ends up making Jiwoo his student, the first student he has ever trained. Jiwoo then met different types of people making new friends even enemies, his polite behaviour made people love and adore him and want to support him no matter what the cause.

He is a lovable boy that is hardly hated by others. To what extent can Jiwoo improve, well the only way to know is to wait patiently for the update every week or if you are loaded with coins, you can always fast pass to keep up to the newest episode. This is another of the best webtoons that I would highly recommend.     

 02. Teenage Mercenary.

Best Webtoons
Photo(c): Rak Hyun

Genre: Action, Adventure.

One of the top action manhwas, number 2 on my list of best webtoons is teenage Mercenary. And if you have not read it, you better start now. When we say action genre, we obviously expect fighting and such, it can be war or fighting over power and victory showing who the boss is. Yes, it all involves that point, but this specific storyline is interesting in its own ways. The story mostly relates to a boy name Yu Ijin the sole survivor of a plane crash. Lost alone in a place he did not know, he had to struggle to stay alive.

Ijin was only nine years old at the time; imagine how hard it would be for a young boy to fight for survival. He was later found out by people who took him in, but they were no ordinary people, they were Mercenaries, the type who would do anything to accomplish their mission and collect their payment.

Ijin lived a harsh life as a mercenary but somehow he managed to escape with the help of Major Kang, the major brought him back home he was able to get a hold of Ijin’s family members whom he was eventually reunited with. This is not a happy ending though, his new life and journey with his grandfather and sister start from here. Facing new enemies and having new friends, what would become of his life? Read Teenage Mercenary to know more.

01. Death Reschedule. (Number One on the list of Best Webtoons)

Top ten Best Webtoons
Photo(c): Snaillords

Genre: Thriller, Suspense.

And finally, number one on my list of best Webtoons is Death Reschedule.

One of the best webtoons and the latest series by Snailord. I personally love all their works and highly recommend this if you love Thriller. Basically, all characters are from Nightmare Factory (If you have not read it, please do check it out) with the same abilities and powers but the storyline is different. Here Kreyul is living in a society where people are allowed to kill but they get one kill in a year. It sounds oddly weird and wrong, right? Anyhow, it is not just about killing, here Kreyul is fighting for something worth it and the right ways for the people to live. Kreyul was against this so-called killing rule and is now trying to change all this twisted and bizarre law.

Kreyul was against this custom because he knew it was wrong to take life for granted, people get hurt when someone close to them will be taken away by force. However, some people fully support this system and they have no problem doing so. Kreyul will face many difficult tasks ahead since not all feel the same way as him.

Quite excited to find out what will happen to Kreyul and his friends. But what is more anxious is the story behind Emai. We did not get the full picture of who she really is; apart from her, we got a glimpse of Phirre Lotus hoping to see his part as well in Death Reschedule or maybe even Kidus Elai. Got to be patient if we want to know.

Hope you like the recommendations, it may be a few on the list but there are lots available, you can even check out the Canvas Webtoon they have lots of varieties with good art and storyline.  


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