Best apex legends tier list: Season 12

As seasons continually change, so does the hierarchy of Apex Legends. Here’s my take on the Best Apex Legends in Season 12 of the game.

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D Tier of the Best Apex Legends :

Best Apex Legends Tier List
Photo (c): Tiermaker

Mirage (Worst Apex Legend) :

At the bottom of the tier list is sadly Mirage. Even though he’s undergone a complete rework he still does not offer much to the team. With this game being a team-oriented FPS, legends who add value to the team are assured picks. His tactical and ultimate are both more suited to solo situations. Since there is no solo mode in the game as of today, Mirage stands at the bottom of the list.

His passive, however, which allows for him to revive his teammates while being invisible can be useful in a team fight. Although, it is not that hard to figure out, especially at higher-skilled lobbies.

C Tier of the Best Apex Legends :

Best Apex Legends Tier List
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Mad Maggie:

At the top of the C tier list is Mad maggie who is the newest legend in the game. Her tactical is “Riot drill” which allows her to drill through any cover and shoot a stream of fire through it. This can be extremely useful depending on the situation and although her ultimate “Wrecking Ball” does not do much damage it does offer some utility to the team. This is because the speed-boosting pads left behind by the ultimate can also be used by her teammates.

Her ability to help out in team fights along with her solo play capacity places her at the top of the C tier. She’s not placed any higher because the team value she adds is minimal compared to legends placed higher. Her solo play capacity is also not that game-changing in higher-skilled lobbies.


Coming second in the C tier is Seer. He has had a significant drop from he was when was initially launched. The amount of nerfs and reworks to his kit ultimately just makes him a worse version of Bloodhound.

He still offers utility to his team however and can be used to attain a lot of info with his Ultimate “Exhibit”. His tactical was extremely useful at launch but after all the nerfs it has become very easy to avoid.


Although fuse is extremely Fun to play he in my opinion is right in the middle of the C tier. This is because most of the usefulness of his kit comes from his tactical ” Knuckle Cluster “. This ability can be used to destroy doors, finish off kills and so on.

His ultimate however is very situational and hard to aim at a specific area thus placing him at this spot.

Lifeline :

Lifeline is one of the First Apex legends but is placed at the near bottom of the C tier. Although her passive “Combat revive ” can be annoying at times to enemy teams, it is not as strong as it used to be and isn’t that hard to counter. Her tactical does offer some utility but the fact that her drone is stationary makes it less valuable.

All these reasons combined put her at the bottom of the C tier.

Rampart :

Rampart is also another one of the newer legends at the bottom of the C tier. Her walls can be useful if used properly but aren’t that hard to counter. Rampart’s ultimate ” Mobile Minigun – Sheila” now being able to be used while walking instead of just being placed at a stationary position saves her from being put in the D tier.

Her passive is also almost useless with the magazines of most light machine guns already being very big.

B Tier of the Best Apex Legends :

Best Apex Legends Tier List
Photo (c): Tiermaker


At the top of the B tier in the Apex Legends tier list is Loba. Her ultimate ” Black Market Boutique” is the main reason for her placement.

Having the ability to steal loot from the surrounding area with your team offers so much utility to the team. Especially in the last ending zones, her ability could possibly be meta changing. Her tactical ” Burglar’s Best Friend” however, could use a slight rework as it is very loud and easy to locate where she drops.

Ash :

Coming second at the B tier is Ash. Even though her tactical is extremely slow it can be useful in certain situations and can be extremely annoying to those who get snared.

Her Ultimate ” Phase Breach ” is what really makes her valuable to the team. Having the ability to instantly teleport in and out of fights is extremely useful, especially in a game like Apex Legends.

Bangalore :

At the middle of the B tier is Bangalore. Her kit has relatively remained unchanged throughout the seasons. Her smokes can be useful in certain situations but that’s exactly why she has placed right in the middle.

Bangalore’s ultimate is also very situational and is easy to avoid thus making her not as valuable as other legends placed higher on the list.

Pathfinder :

At the near bottom of the B tier is Pathfinder. Although he is one of the more fun legends to play since his tactical ” Grappling hook ” can be used in a variety of ways. However, He simply does not add much to the team.

His ultimate can be used to relocate his teammates but it is very easy to shoot enemies down who use this thus not making it very viable.

Revenant :

At the very bottom of the B tier list is Revenant. Ever since he has been significantly nerfed he does not add as much value to the team as he used to.

His ultimate ” Death totem” is now extremely loud once deployed and the time before it is over has also decreased. He can be a strong pick if his tactical is used properly and if paired with Octane in a team composition.

A Tier of the Best Apex Legends :

Photo (c): Tiermaker

Caustic :

At the top of the A tier is Caustic. Even though he has been partially nerfed his gas canisters still wreak havoc as it is not likely anyone would bother to shoot them down during a firefight.

There is no other better legend at holding down an area for defence other than caustic right now and if paired with the right legends can be extremely annoying to play against. Thus placing him at the very top of the A tier.

Wraith :

Although wraith used to be one of the best legends at a certain point in time she is still very useful even after all her nerfs. Her tactical is basically a get out of jail free card in a sticky situation even though it takes longer to use now.

Wraith’s ultimate which allows her to make a portal between two points also provides much-needed utility to her team.

Crypto :

Crypto is one of the trickier legends to place in a tier list. Although his tactical drone is useful in obtaining information on where his enemies are. This still does not make him more valuable than the legends placed above him.

His recent buff however is a good rework to his kit making his ultimate easier to use in a firefight and his passive is also very useful at times.

Wattson :

Although Wattson is at the bottom of the A tier she is in my opinion one of the most underrated ones. Although her tactical is not as useful as caustic’s to hold down an area it is enough to deter enemies at times.

Her passive and ultimate ( which has been buffed ) are also very underrated as her passive can possibly save a shield cell from being wasted and her ultimate can be very useful to the team.

S Tier of the Best Apex Legends :

Photo (c): Tiermaker

Gibraltar (Best Apex Legend):

At the very top of the best apex legends tier list is Gibraltar. This has been the case for a while because he is simply the best defensive legend. Having the ability to put an impenetrable dome that allows the team to reset, push or revive teammates quicker and risk-free makes him a must pick.

His passive is also very useful for peeking corners and allows him to peek more aggressively. On top of all that, his ultimate can also be quite devastating and ultimately makes his kit the most useful one out of all the legends.

Bloodhound :

Bloodhound has always been an elite legend because of his ability to scan for enemies in an area. Scans mean info and info is extremely valuable in Apex Legends.

On top of adding value to his team with his scans, his ultimate is also very useful for solo situations. This is so because of the speed boost that it gives and having the ability to single out enemies in an area makes it easier to shoot them.

Valkyrie :

Valkyrie or just “Valk” is one of the best legends in the game right now. Her jetpacks allow for great verticality and positioning ability. On top of this, her tactical is also very useful for finishing off kills.

Her greatest asset, however, is her ultimate ” Skyward ” which acts as a great repositioning tool for the team and as jump towers become more and more scarce in the game her ability grows more and more valuable.

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