Best Apex Legends: Season 13 tier list

Best Apex Legends

As Seasons vary, the list of Best Apex Legends alters as well. Here is my list of the picks of the best Apex Legends for  Season 13.

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D tier of the Best Apex Legends:

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Mad Maggie (Worst Apex Legend):

Mad Maggie, one of the game’s newest legends, is at the bottom of the list. “Riot drill” is her tactical, which allows her to dig through any cover and fire a stream of fire through it. Depending on the scenario, this can be incredibly valuable. On the other hand, her ultimate “Wrecking Ball” is hit-or-miss. It doesn’t cause much harm and isn’t really useful to the team. This is because her adversaries can utilize the speed-boosting pads left behind by the ultimate.

She isn’t ranked higher because the value she brings to the squad is little when compared to legends ranked higher. In higher-skilled lobbies, her solo play potential is not that great either.

C tier of the Best Apex Legends:

Apex legends Tier list
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Mirage is tragically at the bottom of the C tier ranking. Despite the fact that he’s been completely reworked, he still doesn’t provide anything to the squad. Legends that offer value to the team are guaranteed selections in this team-oriented battle royale. His tactical and ultimate abilities are better suited to solitary play. Mirage is at the bottom of the list since the game currently lacks a solo mode.

In a team battle, though, his passive, which allows him to revive his friends while remaining invisible, might be beneficial. Although, especially in higher-skilled lobbies, it is not difficult to find out.


Despite the fact that Fuse is a lot of fun to play, I think he belongs at the C tier. This is because his tactical ” Knuckle Cluster ” provides the majority of his kit’s utility. This skill can be used to break down doors, complete kills, and so on.

His ultimate “The Motherlode”, on the other hand, is incredibly situational and difficult to use at times, putting him in this position.


Rampart is another of the more recent legends near the bottom of the C tier. Despite being significantly buffed at the start of this season, she is no more valuable than she was last season. Her walls can be effective if utilized correctly, but they aren’t particularly difficult to defeat. The fact that Rampart’s ultimate ” Mobile Minigun – Sheila” may now be utilised while walking rather than only in a stationary position spares her from being relegated to the D tier.

Her passive is also nearly worthless, as most light machine gun magazines are already rather large.


Lifeline is one of the first legends from the game, however, she is towards the bottom of the C tier. Although her passive “Combat revive” might be bothersome to opponent teams at times, it is no longer as potent as it once was and isn’t as difficult to counter. Her tactical can be useful, but the fact that her drone is immobile makes it less so. With the amount of loot readily available from prowlers, spiders, IMC armouries, etc. Her Ultimate has been indirectly nerfed too.


Newcastle is the newest addition to the Apex games and this season’s new legend. He is a little similar to Gibraltar in that he has a shield as a tactical but his version of it is more mobile and less defensive. His ultimate “Castle Wall” is very interesting as although the name suggests it be used to retrieve and back up his teammates it can also be used not only for movement but also to reposition during a fight.

Since he is one of the newest legends and we do not how much about how he fits into the game, he is placed at the very middle of this entire list.

B tier of the Best Apex Legends:

Best Apex Legends
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Pathfinder is at the bottom of the B tier. His tactical ” Grappling hook ” may be employed in a multitude of ways, making him one of the more enjoyable legends to play and allows for some crazy movement tech. However, his abilities, on the other hand, do not bring anything much to the team.

His ultimate may be used to reposition his allies, but it’s incredibly simple to shoot down foes that use it, therefore it’s not particularly useful.


He doesn’t bring as much value to the squad as he used to after he was drastically nerfed.

When his ultimate ” Death totem” is activated, it is now tremendously loud, and the time it takes to use it has been reduced. If his tactical is employed effectively and he is partnered with Octane in team composition, he may be a good selection.


Seer is located in the centre of the B tier. He has plummeted from where he was when he was first released. The nerfs and reworks to his kit have essentially turned him into a worse version of Bloodhound.

He is still useful to his squad, as his Ultimate “Exhibit” may be used to gather a lot of information. His tactical was highly beneficial when it first launched, but with all of the nerfs, it’s now relatively simple to avoid.


Bangalore is also in the midst of the B tier. Throughout the seasons, her kit has stayed pretty much stayed the same. Her smokes can be handy in some instances, which is why she has positioned herself in the middle of this list.

Bangalore’s ultimate is also very situational and simple to evade and should be used more as a repositioning tool rather than something to cause damage.


One of the more difficult legends to position in a tier ranking is Crypto. Despite the fact that his tactical drone is essential in getting information on his adversaries’ locations, bringing back teammates and cracking shields.  This does not make him more precious than the legends that have come before him.

His new buff, on the other hand, is an excellent tweak to his kit, making his ultimate simpler to employ in a gunfight and more effective at times.


Caustic is at the top of the B tier. Even though he’s been slightly nerfed, his gas canisters continue to cause mayhem because no one is likely to shoot them down during a conflict even though they can be destroyed now.

Caustic is currently the best legend in holding down an area for defence, and when partnered with the correct legends, can be quite frustrating to play against. As a result, he is at the top of the B tier.

A tier of the Best Apex Legends:

Best Apex Legends
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Wattson, despite being at the bottom of the A tier, is one of the most underestimated legends in my view. Although her tactical is not as effective as Caustic’s in holding down a territory, it is more than sufficient to dissuade opponents from entering an area.

Her passive and ultimate (which have been improved) are also underappreciated since her passive might potentially save a shield cell from being used and her ultimate can be extremely valuable to the team as it not only blocks grenades but also offers shield healing which is extremely useful.


Octane is also one of the most fun legends to play and this is evident from his high pick rate in comparison to the other legends. Although he has been nerfed and reworked to a certain degree, he is still very useful in the right hands and can pull off some crazy movement mechanics if used properly.

Other than being a solid movement legend his jump pad is still great for repositioning a team despite being nerfed.


Loba is a character in Apex Legends who is towards the A tier. The key reason for her ranking is her ultimate ” Black Market Boutique.”

Having the ability to grab stuff from the surrounding area with your squad is really useful. Her ultimate ability might be meta-changing, especially in the latter finishing zones. Her tactical ” Burglar’s Best Friend”, however, does require some tweaking, since it is rather loud and easy to see where she lowers.


Despite the fact that wraith was once one of the finest legends, she is still highly effective despite all of her nerfs. Even though her tactical takes longer to use today, it is essentially a get out of jail free card in a tricky scenario.

Wraith’s ultimate, which lets her create a portal between two spots, is also extremely useful to her teammates and is one of the shining features of her kit.


Horizon is also another popular movement legend not only with a high pick rate but is also popular among the pro Apex players like ITzTimmy and so on. Although she has gone through a much-needed rework, her tactical is still very useful in providing verticality and repositioning in most situations.

Her Ultimate “Black Hole”, however, is the cherry on top of her kit as it not only slows and drags enemies to a certain area for a short period of time but when paired with grenades it can also cause devastating damage.


Ash is ranked first in the A tier of this season’s tier chart. Despite the fact that her tactical is exceedingly sluggish, it may be effective in some scenarios and extremely frustrating to those who become entangled in it.

What makes her so vital to the squad is her Ultimate ” Phase Breach “. It’s highly handy to be able to teleport into and out of combat quickly, especially in a game like Apex Legends.

S tier of the Best Apex Legends:

Best Apex Legends
Photo(c): Tiermaker


Because of his capacity to scan an area for attackers, Bloodhound has always been regarded as an exceptional legend. Scans imply information, and information in Apex Legends is incredibly important.

His ultimate is also incredibly beneficial for solo scenarios, in addition to bringing value to his team with his scans. This is due to the speed increase it provides, as well as the ability to target specific foes in a certain region, making it simpler to shoot them.


Valkyrie is now one of the finest legends in the game. Her jetpacks provide her with a lot of flexibility in terms of verticality and placement. Furthermore, her tactical is quite useful for completing kills.

Her most significant asset is her ultimate ” Skyward,” which serves as a superb repositioning option for the team as jump towers are scarce on maps like Storm point and can be a pain to run all the way to on a map like World’s Edge.

Gibraltar (Best Apex Legends):

Gibraltar is at the very top of the finest apex legends tier ranking. This has been the case for a long time since he is the best defensive legend in the game. He’s a must-pick because of his ability to create an impenetrable dome that allows the team to reset, push, or revive teammates more quickly and safely.

His passive also comes in handy when looking around corners and helps him to peek more aggressively. Furthermore, his ultimate has the potential to be incredibly deadly, making his kit the most valuable of all the legends.

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