Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer- 128 players, no single-player campaign


The Battlefield franchise is set to return to the future with the new title Battlefield 2042. The release date has been set to October 22, 2021 and a lot of details have been given out in an action packed reveal trailer. The long-awaited title is also going to be the biggest installment in the franchise.

The game is set in the near future that has the world on the brink. Many nations have failed due to shortages in important resources like food, energy and clean water. This in turn leads to the greatest refugee crisis in human history. Amidst all the mayhem, the USA and Russia draw the world into an all-out war. The non-patriated, which include engineers, farmers and soldiers gather their hopes and form mercenary groups who fight at the behest of both sides or independently, all hoping for a better future.

What we know about Battlefield 2042 so far

The max player count has been doubled from the standard 64 to 128. However, keeping performance in mind, the max player count is capped at 64 for the PS4 and XBOX One players who will receive a slightly tweaked version of the game. The high number of players will be accommodated by dividing the huge maps into smaller sectors which will have their own mini-matches going on.

There’s no single player campaign in the title. However, you can play multiplayer matches against bots and progress that way if you want. All-out warfare, which encompasses the conquest and breakthrough mode, is making a comeback in a huge scale in maps filled with new environmental hazards and dynamic weather effects. Apart from that, there will be two mystery modes, one of them is to be called Hazard and will be a squad focused and high-risk game mode. The second mystery mode will be revealed by the developers at a later date.

The biggest change in basic game-play will be the introduction of specialists, which is a new type of playable soldier. They will have their own specialist trait and will have fully customizable loadouts. Initially, the game is going to start with 10 specialists. Only four of these have been revealed so far: Wikus “Casper” Van Daele (recon), Webster Mackay (assault), Maria Flack (support) Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky (engineer).

Seven all-out warfare maps will be present at launch:

  • Kaleidoscope- Sogdo, South Korea
  • Manifest- Brani island, Singapore
  • Orbital- Kourou, French Guiana
  • Discarded- Alang, India
  • Renewal- Eastern Desert, Egypt
  • Hourglass- Doha, Qatar
  • Breakaway- Queen Maud land, Antarctica

The gameplay reveal trailer will be dropping on Sunday, June 13. We can expect an even clearer picture of the new features to come out by then. A test trial of the game is going to be attended by battlefield veterans on July, the other mystery mode will also be revealed within the same month. Finally, the game will release in full and across platforms on October 22.

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Featured Image: EA Games

Source: PCGamer, Collider

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