Battle Game in 5 Seconds: Anime Review

Battle Game in 5 Seconds

Battle Game in 5 Seconds is an anime about a bored, clever gamer who is thrust into a bizarre universe, where he is given extraordinary abilities and compelled to fight opponents. Here is my review of it.

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Introduction to Battle Game in 5 Seconds:

Photo(c): Kashiwa Miyako/Synergy P

Battle Game in 5 Seconds was actually something I was looking forward to. It sounded fun and after a long break from such anime like SOA or No game No life, both of which I really liked and enjoyed, I was expecting a happy experience if not anything else.

However, I was really not that impressed or moved by it. The idea just sounded really nice but the execution was not there. The background or the plot of Battle Game in 5 seconds wasn’t really bad. In fact, it was interesting and could have had a place as one of the greats but there was always something off about it especially if you would consider that it is supposed to be a controlled environment where the players are just test subjects but it did not seem to follow any structured pattern or maybe I’ve missed it but in my opinion, it missed quite a few markers.

Take, for example, the Game’s Protagonist, Akira. His ability you can say is psychological because it’s the power of suggestion which in real life is quite powerful and is the only ability that can make or break an individual. His power if its persuasion, is strengthened by the willingness to accept the suggestion. But this kind of cunning strategist is not original at all if you consider the greats like the character, Le louch of Code Geass who also has no meaningful physical strength but dominates using his mental skills.


What irks me the most is that the idea behind the anime is not bad at all, maybe the manga does it justice, because if you look at the power or abilities, they are made to be somewhat a reflection of what each character is at their core. It’s a weird feeling, a repressed emotion, an explosion we all have at our naked core. A real self or a disguised concept of self that is instilled in them. This is all that makes it interesting and the only reason one continues to watch it.

The characters of the Anime are actually interesting if one paid attention enough because character introductions and development were also seriously lacking. The entire setup upto the “big fight “was also not so good. It all felt rushed and a little childish and not a good use of characters and powers and the amazing original plot they had.

I seriously could not remember most of it now, it is not a memorable anime that I would not recommend to anyone.

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