Attack on Titan- “Largest Comic Book Published”!

Kodansha announced in a recent press release that ‘Attack on Titan‘ manga now holds the Guinness Record for largest comic book published.

The whole thing started when Attack on Titan announced plans to bring a massive manga volume to life.  A limited run of volumes was then planned as a part of a promotional campaign for the manga’s last chapter. The book measured one meter tall and weighs over 30 pounds, and is the largest comic book published to date. It was designed to be read by Eren in his Titan form.

The sheer size of the volumes has earned Attack on Titan the world record for “Largest Comic Book Published”. The limited volumes were sold out almost immediately under 2 minutes, even with a price tag of over $1,500 USD.

It will not be long before the anime reaches it’s conclusion, just like it’s manga counterpart. The show is planning to bring season four back to TV early Winter 2022. This comeback will end with the finale of Attack on Titan. So if you aren’t caught up with the show, you can binge it now on Crunchyroll, Hulu and more.

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