Astralis CSGO Org & Its History

Best known for its highly-skilled CSGO team, the Astralis group owns and manages their teams in three other games, which include FIFA, LOL, and Rainbow Six Siege. Originally founded by Danish start-up RFRSH Entertainment Aps, they became the first e-sport organization ever to offer an initial public offering(IPO) under the name Astralis Group A/S in November 2019. The organization also previously managed Origen and Future FC, two other e-sport organizations, before they merged all teams under one Astralis brand.

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Astralis CSGO Esports History

astralis csgo 2016
First Astralis Team of 2016

The CSGO team is quite new when comparing to others, entering competitive major league esports only in 2016, with the ELEAGUE Major Atlanta 2017 being their first major win. After the good start, they faced multiple problems in early 2018, facing quite a few upsets in the first competition and finally getting knocked out by Cloud9 team in another surprising loss. In one more blow, the very next month, Kjaerby unexpectedly left the team to join another organization. This left Astralis short of one player, making them sign Magisk in the next few days.

Magisk’s signing soon proved to be a good move from the Astralis team management as he fitted well in the team and his performance was consistent. His signing also went on to mark the beginning of Astralis’s rise as 2018 proved to be the year they came back and rose to be one of the best teams in CSGO esports. They also won the FACEIT Major: London 2018 beating the likes of FaZe clan, Team Liquid and NaVi without dropping a single map in the playoff stages, making it their second major win.

The success continued in 2019 as they won the IEM Katowice Major 2019, picking up their third major title win. For a brief period mid-year, Team Liquid snatched their dominant position. Astralis jumped back really quickly at StarLadder Major: Berlin 2019, winning the fourth major and creating history as the first CSGO team ever to do so. They awarded Astralis coach Zonic coach of the year title following the team’s impressive performance in 2019.

As the pandemic hit in 2020 along with following lockdowns, they canceled many CSGO events off marking an inactive phase for the team. In March they announced a roster expansion beyond just the 5 players, signing es3tag from heroic and Jakob “JUGi” Hansen.

astralis csgo 2020
The current Astralis Squad

Dev1ce, who is one of the main Astralis players and had been with the team right from the beginning, left the organization in 2021 and was signed by Ninjas In Pyjamas. This was a big change for them as he was also a core player who had been fulfilling a big role in the team. Astralis signed 18-year-old Lucky from tricked e-sports soon after. The team’s performance at PGL Major Stockholm, the first since the pandemic, wasn’t satisfactory, and it remains to be seen if the team can jump back like they have done a few times in the past.

Parent company and controversies

RFRSH Entertainment, the founding company of the Astralis group, also owns the Blast pro series and had faced criticism over how Astralis skips certain other events to attend Blast Pro. Over conflict of interest, they demerged the RFRSH team holding and established a wholly new Astralis group holding. Through this, they became the first team to make an IPO under the name Astralis Group A/S.

Astralis also faced some controversy over the signing of es3tag who they signed right when he was in the middle of getting signed by FunPlus Phoenix. But through the times of success, the times when their performance was a bit down and through the times of controversy, Astralis remains an example of a great esports organization. New esports teams will definitely look into the story of Astralis as a prime example of success in the field.

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