A Silent Voice Review (The Shape of Voice)

Have you ever watched an anime and felt a deep connection to it? Or maybe it just gives you some valuable lessons or even spoke to you in a deeper sense? Well, we’re going to talk about it through an animated movie called A Silent Voice. This show directly or indirectly relates to you and me in ways which you could never imagine. This is my A Silent Voice Review, which I hope you enjoy it as much as when I wrote it.

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A silent Voice Author

A Silent Voice, written by Reiko Yoshida, is an adaptation of the manga by Yoshitoki Ōima. It is not just an ordinary anime or story but a beautiful film with deep meanings attached. If we can look beneath the picture and beyond the story at face value. It delivers an emotional journey to redemption, outliving the past and discovering friendship. 

A Silent Voice review Author
Yoshitoki Ōima.
Source: ComicVine

A silent Voice Characters

Shoko A Silent Voice

Encouraging bullying is never a good choice and the film rightly portrays how bullying can affect a person’s life. For both the victim and the tormentor. As a transfer student, Shoko Nishimiya, a deaf girl, introduces herself to the class through a notebook. Because of this, she became a prey to her classmates as being an odd one out.

Shoya A Silent Voice

Shoya Ishida plays a more significant part in leading the way to bully her. Later, when the bullying becomes an issue, he became the topic of discussion. It ends up with him being a social outcast leaving him with no friends. This resulted in him turning into a depressed loner.

A Silent Voice review Official Poster
A Silent Voice Official Poster
A Silent Voice review

A Silent Voice Anime

The beginning starts more like a typical high school story, but we see character development that sheds light on a new level as the story continues. Shoya is one such character that compels us to root for him even though he has caused so much damage. His friends are quick to leave him when he finds himself in trouble. This shows us the savagery of how one’s friends can quickly turn their backs to protect their own skin. His mistakes affect him to the point that even five years later, it still haunts him, and he cannot look people in the eyes with an “X” marked over people’s faces. The once ignorant kid becomes a person who reflects on his mistakes and sets on a path to redemption. 

A Silent Voice Review

We also sympathize with Shoko, who has difficulty finding acceptance among the crowd that turns a cold shoulder towards her due to her inability to have a normal conversation. It shows us how a person with flaws struggles to blend among people and how easy it becomes to make fun of someone with imperfections.

Social dynamics among kids

The film has many elements that tell us about bullying, depression, social anxiety, trauma, etc. Still, it’s impossible to ignore that friendship plays a more prominent role that helps both the protagonist, Shoya, and Shoko get back on their feet. It clearly shows us the difference between a good friendship and the toxic one seen in the film.

As important as friendship is, it is even more necessary to have friends that stick with you through thick or thin, and this is what we see in the film. We try to be friends with everyone, but seldom are they present when we need them the most. The other side of these friends often reveals a darker side, just like Shoya being shunned entirely by his so-called frenemies when trouble arises.

Later, we see that Tomohiro, Shoya’s classmate, befriended him and helps him become a better person. Tomohiro follows him everywhere and tries his best to help Shoya.

A Silent Voice review Tomohiro
A Silent Voice review

Conclusions to A Silent Voice

It is pretty clear that as they make new friends, slowly their life takes a new turn, they seem much happier, making the film lively towards the end.

Kyoto Animation, one of Japan’s best animation studios, definitely delivers up to its mark, and this film is no less. From the background to lighting and every setting, it aesthetically enhances our mood throughout the film, successfully making A Silent Voice so emotional and worthy of praise.

A Silent Voice is simply a beautiful film. They wonderfully adapted the seven-volume manga into a 2 hour film without making us realize plenty of its scenes missing. The story is full of emotions and has its natural flow. The characters go through the journey we can somehow relate to, especially Shoya’s poignant journey of discovering genuine friendship. This makes it one of the most touching and powerful films that deserves applause.

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