A Good Day To Be A Dog Webtoon review

By looking at the title, it may seem like a story about dogs. But the most fascinating thing about A Good Day To Be a Dog is that it is romance theme… the theme of love you could say. For love, one would say they will do anything for the person they have an affection for. Also, love can be the feeling we have towards anyone. It does not always to be of the opposite gender, it can be towards parents, siblings, friends, or even pets.

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A Good Day To Be a Dog Hana
Hana Han

The primary focus in this story is about a girl who has a curse. A curse that has been passed down from generation to generation. The curse being they Turn Into A Dog if they kiss someone and the most complicated part is breaking the curse. They can only do it if they kiss the same person again but when they are in their Dog Form.

So the story is a sweet romance story about Hana Han, a high-school literature teacher and her colleague Seon Jin, a math teacher. For so many years, Hana has been very careful not to trigger the curse. She saw her elder sister suffer immensely from it. Some people who learnt about their family curse call them monsters. Seeing how her sister faced this discrimination, she became terrified and made sure not to make this same mistake. 

Unfortunately, one day when Hana went out with her fellow teachers, she drank too much that she could handle and made the greatest mistake of her life by accidentally kissing one of her male colleague Mr Jin. The worst-case scenario is the one and only Mr Jin is terrified of dogs. Hana also realised that this person was also the one who has always been avoiding her since the day she joined Garam High-School. Hana eventually tries to get closer to him so she can secretly break the curse.

A Good Day To Be a Dog Seon Jin
Seon Jin

But, as time goes by, they eventually became close and she started having feelings for him. The cutest part of the story is how Mr Jin has always liked her since the beginning, but he could not approach her. Mainly because he was afraid of being near her.

At first, Hana tried to come up with excuses in order to meet him, where she even insists on helping him to overcome his fear of dogs. Even his nephew Yul, who knows about her secret, tried helping her. He brought her home at midnight when she was in her dog form but cannot break to break the curse. She faced so many difficulties and struggled a lot until one day, a mysterious guy who also was Jin’s bully during middle school.

A Good Day To Be a Dog Dog form
Doggy :3

This person exposed her secret to Jin, the secret she had kept from him about her curse. It shocked Jin when he learnt about her secret, but somehow it scares him to think he might lose her. When he chased her after she ran away, she suddenly turned to a puppy as it was already midnight. Jin cast his fear away and pursue her again till he caught her and took the little puppy. Since he knows that kissing her in her dog for will help her break the curse, he kissed the puppy who turns back to Hana. The woman who he always loves. With no second thought, he confessed his feelings to Hana, and she confesses her mutual feelings for him as well. 

So, in any romance story, there are always conflicts and challenges which mainly involve the hero and the heroine. Usually romance is through the perspective of a woman, featuring of strong willed, clever, strong-hearted female character. And there is a moral principle that is followed where good behaviour is rewarded with unconditional love. And most romance has a happy ending.

When we say a happy ending, it means the characters will live a happy married life right? But it does not mean there is no hardship in between the relationship. For Hana and Seon’s relationship, this wasn’t the end of their problem. When they were finally happily in love with each other, Bogum Lee, their colleague, has been keeping watch on the couple. He then reveals his true identity as The Mountain Spirit who cursed Hana’s ancestors.

A Good Day To Be a Dog Kiss
Kiss >///<

He offered Hana to lift the cure from all of her family members, but on the condition that Hana have to make the greatest and devastated decision of her life. She would have to choose to leave the curse as it is and live her life with the person she loves (which she thought is a selfish decision). The other option being that she lifts the curse from her family but loses the person dearest to her. She would not just lose him, but all his memories shared with her will all be erased.

Our brave Hana, along with Seon’s understanding, lifted the curse from her entire family, sacrificing her relationship with Seon. 

Like I mentioned before, the moral principle of a romance story. Hana sacrificed was not in vain though, since Seon Jin regained his memories again. Bogum then explains that if he erases a person’s memory twice, then he/she will eventually get them back in time. Bogum had already erased Seon’s memory when he was a child, so intentionally erased his memory for the second time so that he could get them back. 

So as the romance characteristics and plots go, this story flows very well. From the complications and conflicts, characters involved and even the moral principle to the very end of a Happy Ending. As the title said, A Good Day To Be A Dog is not just a story about dogs, but people turning to dogs at midnight. Who would have expected this? A lovely sweet Romance by Lee Hey.

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