86 the Anime Review: Season 1 and 2

86(Eighty Six) Anime Review

When it comes to heartbreaking moments, action-filled combat and a compelling storyline there are few shows which balance this like 86 the Anime. Here is my review of the first and second seasons and all the moments in them.

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Introduction to 86 the Anime:

86 the Anime
Photo(c): A-1 Pictures/Asato Asato

Major Vladilena “Lena” Milizé, an Alba noblewoman and military officer in the Republic’s Military, is the focus of the story. She is assigned to the Eastern Front’s Spearhead Squadron as a Handler. This Squadron is an elite squadron made up exclusively of Eighty-Sixer veterans who have earned their squad leader’s name. Shinei “Undertaker” Nouzen, their leader, who is a reserved individual that cares about his friends. There is an ongoing war in the world of 86 the anime. This war takes place between the Republic of San Magnolia and the Giadian Empire.

In this world, the Republic of San Magnolia has divided the people into two different classes. One is the Alba who are a higher class elite with only white hair. The other class of citizens are the ones who have become outcasts outside the Republic divided into 85 districts. The other citizens in this country are seen as non-humans and pigs. This is the Alba’s justification for forcing them to take part in the war while the Alba sit back and relax. There is a ‘non-existent 86th district’ outside the Republic’s 85 districts, where young men and women continue being forced to fight. These men and women form the “86” squad who fight at the frontlines. For the nonhumans on the frontlines, there is a special communications technology known as ParaRaid. This technology lets the military generals from the Alba communicate with “86”. They use this technology so that they themselves don’t have to go to the frontlines.

As Lena gets to know Shinei and the rest of the Spearhead Squadron. She starts to develop empathy for their position and strives to assist them. At the same time, Lena and Shinei discover a horrible secret. It comes to their notice that the Republic and the Empire’s battles are not what they seem.

Anime Storyline and progression:

86 the Anime
Photo(c): A-1 Pictures/Asato Asato

The Republic of San Magnolia uses a type of technology known as “Juggernauts”. These are human-controlled robot machines used for combat by the “86”. The Giadian Empire uses similar tech which has become sentient and taken over the nation. This is a war going on between the Eighty sixers and the sentient machines from the now destroyed Giadian Empire.

As the war goes on, an unimaginable number of people die from the 86. So much so that the members of this squad are slowly starting to lose their minds. None are more distraught from this than the “Undertaker” himself, Shinei Nouzen. Shinei however is on own his mission throughout this to find the soul of his dead brother. This mission of his is the sole reason apart from protecting his friends that he is alive.

The people who lead and command the squadrons who fight in the war are known as “Handlers”. The handler for the 86 squad who is Major Lena develops a forbidden close relationship with her squad. Due to state propaganda from the republic, Alba citizens like Lena see the 86 as non-humans. Lena herself however does not see them this way. This is because her father who was also a sympathizer for the 86 died on the frontlines for them. She is deeply traumatized because of this event and has a special place in her heart for the 86.

Personal Review and opinion on 86 the anime:

Shinei Nouzen
Photo(c): A-1 Pictures/Asato Asato

Although the anime is not slow by any means, it does take a second to get to the really good parts. The wait however is all the more worthwhile once you see the final product. A very well balanced and well-paced anime is what I’d call 86. Therefore, if I get to give it a rating on a scale of 1-10 I’d give it a solid 8. This is because most of the things about this anime are solid. The animation? Solid. Storyline? Solid. Suspense and drama? Also solid.

My only problem is that even though the action and combat scenes are great, they just don’t have the same kick and calibre as compared to other anime of this type. I certainly believe that this does not take away much from the anime as a whole but if I had to pick a flaw that would be one for sure. Other than that though I do not see much lacking from this anime as a whole. Therefore, I see this as a proper justification for my score.


In conclusion, I believe that this is a top tier anime that is definitely worth the watch. I recommended it to audiences of all preferences and types. I only warn you of an oncoming emotional rollercoaster from all the crazy moments to come. There were specific moments in the show when I had to sit and just pause to take in all the information flowing through my brain. This was an intense watch for sure but for all the right reasons.

Give this anime a watch when you can and share this post with your friends if you enjoyed it.

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