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Meghalaya Elections and the lies we’re told

Just around the corner, the Meghalaya Elections are upon us again. This democratic process is an important part of our Rights and Freedom as …

Indian Comics
Ao Ashi

Ao Ashi Anime Review

Child abuse in India
Mob Psycho 100

MOB PSYCHO 100 Anime Review

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Aggretsuko Review: A working class Anime

Mental Health and Workers’ Rights in the Workplace In the Netflix anime series, Aggretsuko, we follow the lead as she tries to balance her …

Tom Cross

Tom Cross: Understanding The Cuts

The History of Manga: All you need to know.

Fumetsu no Anata e Review: Never Ending Evolution

Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday review – A Nostalgic Trip


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Te.teng : The Mythical Creature.

A young boys visit to his village unveils certain enchanting truths and a wonderful meeting with a dwarf creature called te.teng .


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Tom Cross

Tom Cross: Understanding The Cuts

Tom Cross is an amazing editor who I think is one of the best editors we have right now. Someone who understood rhythm, pacing …